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2010 NBA Playoffs: Lakers vs Suns Game 6, Lakers in Finals

The Los Angeles Lakers won game six of the 2010 NBA Playoffs Western Conference Finals, eliminating the Phoenix Suns and moving on to the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. +Continue Reading

Gary Coleman Dead at Age 42

Gary Coleman, best known for his years on the hit TV Show Diff’rent Strokes, died Friday, May 28, 2010 at the age of 42.


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Top Beaches: Coopers Beach in New York is Rated Number One

The annual list of top beaches was released today and Coopers Beach on Long Island, New York was rated the number one beach in the United States. +Continue Reading

Tom Cruise Dead Top Search

Google Trends reported that “Tom Cruise Dead” was the top search term in the United States Thursday night, May 27.


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2010 NBA Playoffs: Lakers vs Suns Game 5, Winning Shot by Artest

The Los Angeles Lakers won game five of the 2010 NBA Playoffs Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns on Thursday, May 27 with a last minute winning shot by Ron Artest, winning the game 103-101. The series is now 3-2, Lakers. +Continue Reading

Lee DeWyze Joins American Idol Winners

Lee DeWyze won the 2010 American Idol season 9 and will now join the elite 8 before him as American Idol Winners. Let’s take a look back at the winners preceding Lee.

Season One American Idol Winner: Kelly Clarkson


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MMS Chief Elizabeth Birnbaum Resigns

Elizabeth Birnbaum, director of the U.S. Minerals Management Service, resigned Thursday morning, after reports of mismanagement of her department in wake of the BP oil spill. +Continue Reading

Lee DeWyze is the 2010 American Idol Winner

Lee DeWyze was announced the 2010 American Idol Winner Wednesday night, May 26, on the season 9 finale.


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2010 NBA Playoffs: Orlando Magic Wins Game 5 Against Boston Celtics

The Orlando Magic are not ready to go home yet. With two impressive wins in a row, Orlando avoids elimination for a second time. The Orlando Magic won game five of the 2010 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals in Orlando against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday, May 26, 113-92. +Continue Reading

50 Cent’s Dramatic Weight Loss Shocks Fans

Rapper 50 Cent has lost over 50 pounds for an upcoming movie he wrote and stars in, called Things Fall Apart.


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