Shakira Travels to Phoenix to Protest New Arizona Immigration Law

Award-winning Colombian singer Shakira visited Arizona Thursday, April 29 to meet with the Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and Phoenix City Police Chief Jack Harris to discuss her concerns about the new Arizona Immigration Law.


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Last week, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a new law that gives the police the authority to check the immigration status of anyone whom they suspect might be in the U.S. illegally. Many feel this law will lead to racial profiling and is unconstitutional. Shakira is one of the many who feels this way.

Speaking to The Associated Press, Shakira said, “I heard about it on the news and I thought, ‘Wow’. It is unjust and it’s inhuman, and it violates the civil and human rights of the Latino community.

“It goes against all human dignity, against the principles of most Americans I know.”

She added, “I’m not an expert on the Constitution but I know the Constitution exists for a reason. It exists to protect human beings, to protect the rights of people living in a nation with or without documents. We’re talking about human beings here.”

Shakira spoke of her visit to Arizona saying, “I just met with some families and women who have been subjected to domestic violence, and they are so concerned. They’re going to live in fear to call the police or to report a crime that has been inflicted to them. They’re trying to protect their kids and their own families from abusers. And now they’re going to have to protect themselves from the government.”

Shakira is not the only celebrity expressing concerns for this bill. At the Billboard Latin Music Awards ceremony Thursday, Grammy-winning performer Ricky Martin spoke out against the controversial law.

“This is not in the script,” Ricky Martin said. “I want to send a warm greeting to all our Latin America friends who live in the state of Arizona. The SB 1070 is a law that doesn’t make sense. You are not alone. We are with you. Stop discrimination. Stop hate. Stop racism. Enough already. Long live love. Long live peace. And now let the music continue.”

On Ryan Seacret’s morning radio show Ricky Martin also said, “As a Latina, I’m very concerned how this law can impact working Hispanic families.”

The morning before Shakira set out to visit Phoenix, she spoke with Ryan Seacrest on his morning radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” to talk about her plan of action. Check out the video below.

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