Bret Michaels Won Celebrity Apprentice 2010

Donald Trump said the words “You’re Hired”….to contestant Bret Michaels. The rock star Bret Michaels, who has recently dealt with serious health issues, won the 2010 Celebrity Apprentice.


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2010 Celebrity Apprentice winner Bret Michaels won $250,000 for his nominated charity, the American Diabetes Association, on the live finale show in New York on May 23, 2010.

Snapple contributed to the winnings, matching the winning prize, giving Holly Robinson-Peete’s charity, the HollyRod Foundation which supports children with Autism, $250,000 as well.

It was uncertain if Bret Michaels would make an appearance on the live finale show after suffering a mini-stroke last week.

Donald Trump said on the broadcast that he had spoken to Bret Michaels’ doctors, and “they didn’t want you to be here tonight. At all. Believe me, not at all.”

Trump asked, “Are you risking your life being here? This is a lot of pressure.”

“Lately it seems like me just standing up is risking my life,” Michaels said, laughing.

Michaels joked about getting the sympathy vote, saying, “I’ll take a vote any way I can get it” and argued he didn’t travel this far to lose.

“I don’t just want to win this, I need to win this,” Bret Michaels said of making it this far in the competition.

Sympathy vote or not, Bret Michaels came away with the win.

“On the live part of Sunday’s finale, Michaels walked with a limp and appeared to have slight drooping on the left side of his face (which, earlier this week, his representative attributed to the hemorrhage as well as his medications),” TV Guide reported. “But Michaels was back to his old self, as he bumped his fists against his chest to thank the crowd and walked over to personally thank every one of the fired contestants on stage.”

Trump told Michaels that he was “popular, imaginative and brave,” adding “everyone loved you.”

Bret and Holly were not the only winners tonight. Trump gave Darryl Strawberry’s foundation $25,000 for Strawberry’s triumphant return to the show, who played on Bret’s team.

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