Perez Hilton and Miley Cyrus Photo Scandal

Perez Hilton allegedly posted a photo of teen pop star Miley Cyrus without underwear on his Twitter page, which has more than 2 million followers.


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Early Monday morning, June 14, Perez Hilton posted a photo of 17-year-old Miley Cyrus wearing a short white dress, climbing out of a convertible car. She apparently flashed the camera upon climbing out of the car and was said to have not been wearing underwear underwear. The photo has since been removed.

“If you are easily offended, do NOT click here,” Perez Hilton tweeted. “Oh, Miley! Warning: truly not for the easily offended!”

After fans lashed out at Perez Hilton for posting a photo of the underage Miley Cyrus without her panties on, Hilton removed the photo.

Today, Perez Hilton posted a video on his blog, saying “Miley was clearly wearing underwear. Do you think Miley is that stupid to be out in public without panties?”

He also Tweeted an image on Tuesday that showed Miley Cyrus wearing underwear, declaring it to be “proof” that she was wearing underwear in the photo in question.

Hilton explained he was simply trying to poke fun at Miley for her lack of grace getting out of the car.

“The reason I linked to that photo is because I thought she was exiting this car in a very un-ladylike fashion,” Hilton said.

With Cyrus still five months away from her 18th birthday, Perez Hilton could be facing legal action for child pornography according to

Los Angeles attorneys told that Hilton “could be prosecuted on the state or federal level — or both — with a conviction potentially resulting in a 15 year sentence and lifetime registration as a sex offender.”

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