Windows Phone 7 Reviews

The Windows Phone 7 is expected to hit the market late 2010. Tech-experts are already reviewing the new Windows product, giving their thoughts and ratings of Windows Phone 7.

Many are raving about the new Windows Phone 7 user interface with bright colors and bug buttons. The word “pretty” has been used multiple times when describing the new Windows Phone 7.

Matt Buchanan of Gizmodo says, “It doesn’t try to feel like anything but a flat, digital interface. There is no attempt to depict three dimensionality or any kind of real-world mimesis. No gradients, shadows, gloss or shading. Everything is crisp and flat. Everything pops, bright primary colors and white text on a black landscape. Touch a tile on the main screen, and the interface flies away like exploding puzzle pieces, revealing the app you wanted to see. Oversized text is the order of the day. (Yes, it still runs off the screen in lots of place.) It feels gloriously modern. I love it. I wonder how gracefully it’ll age.”

The accuracy and usability of the onscreen keyboard seems to be a hit as well.

Greg Kumparak of Mobile Crunch says, “I’ve got no idea what sort of sorcery Microsoft used to build this thing, but it rocks. I’ve typed the character-count equivalent of a novel or two on just about every smartphone platform’s software keyboard, and this … this just might be the best one. I could type as well on this immediately after picking it up as I could on my iPhone after weeks of practice. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement. Auto-correct works as expected, and if it misfires on a word it just doesn’t know, switching it back is a matter of tapping the word once at any time. The word you originally typed will lead a list of potential alternative corrections — tap the original, and all is returned to normal. ”

Despite the likable UI and keyboard, Windows Phone 7 will be lacking in features. It won’t support copy and paste, third-party multitasking or HTML5.

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