White Apple iPhone 4.0 Release Delayed Again

The release of the white version of the Apple iPhone 4.0 has been delayed again, according to a brief news release from Apple on Friday, July 23.


Apple CEO Steve Jobs said just last week that the white iPhone 4.0 would be available at the end of July. According to a news release by Apply today, the white iPhone won’t be available until later this year.

“White models of Apple’s new iPhone 4 have continued to be more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected, and as a result they will not be available until later this year,” a brief news release from Apple said.

An anticipated release date for the white iPhone 4.0 was not mentioned. Apple left it vague by saying “later this year”. The new release this morning also did not specify what the manufacturing challenges were for the white iPhone.

Earlier Apple products like the iPod and Macs were most easily identified in white. The iPhone, however, has been much more popular in black.

It will be interesting to see if those who were holding out for the white model will go ahead and purchase the black model now due to the delay.

The Apple iPhone 4.0 sold over 1.7 million in just the first three days, making it the most successful Apple product launch in history. Despite the complaints about reception issues, the iPhone 4.0 has now exceeded over 3 million in sales.

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