Arizona Immigration Law to Take Effect Thursday

The controversial Arizona Immigration Law that attempts to combat illegal immigration, will take effect Thursday, July 29.

With the enforcement Senate Bill 1070 just days away, many demonstrators, both for and against the new law, are planning protests at the Arizona State Capitol.

A busload of union labor workers from California will arrive in Arizona to protest, where they plan to dare Phoenix Police to enforce the law, according to Maria Elena Durazo, one of the organizers of the rally.

“We will not be carrying ‘papers,’ ” said Durazo, of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO. “We will let them know we are coming, and we will tell them: Arrest us for being brown or black, arrest us for being suspicious.”

Not everyone is against the law. Jesse Hernandez is a member of the Arizona Republican Latino Association, a group that supports SB 1070 and opposes the U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit against it.

“They throw out this verbiage, racist, discrimination, Nazis — they’re just trying to drum up fear among the public,” Hernandez said. “We live in a society that doesn’t read anymore, that is spoon-fed by TV. That’s why I’m challenging them to pick up the law and read it and not believe the rhetoric that is coming out from the left.”

New concerns supporters of the law have are whether or not the nation’s immigration enforcement agency will cooperate with the Arizona police trying to enforce it. Without cooperation from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, much of the law would become unenforceable: Police would have no way of determining, from federal authorities, the legal status of suspected illegal immigrants as the state law requires. And that would severely hamper efforts to arrest them for violations of the law.

There have been three court hearings to consider challenges to SB 1070, including one from the Department of Justice. U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton has yet to rule on any of these cases.

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