Charlie St. Cloud’s Zac Efron in challenging role with new hair

Charlie St. Cloud opened this past weekend starring Zac Efron whose confounded character Charlie is torn between keeping the spirit of his deceased brother alive by playing ball together in the woods and following his heart and the girl of his dreams; quite the everyday young man conundrum.


Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner took a Hollywood hottie backseat this weekend as excitable tween girls, women who inappropriately delight in sexy jailbait and young, loyal boyfriends everywhere headed to theaters to watch the story of a sparkling, teary, blue-eyed sailor boy’s turmoil fall into the hands of romance and self-awakening.

As apparent in the melodramatic trailer that tugs at your heartstrings (B.O.B.’s Airplane as the popular theme song is at fault), College bound and star athlete Charlie St. Cloud loses his brother in a tragic car accident. Stuck in despair and unable to move forward, for years Charlie promises to play catch with his brother’s ghost every evening before sundown. However, Charlie is taken aback by long-flowy-haired Tess, played by Amanda Crew, who is on the verge of sailing solo for six months. Their romance plays out with an unexpected twist as Charlie is conflicted on who comes first: long-flowy-haired pretty girl or his ghost-brother. What would you do?

Bringing in about $5 million on opening day and $12.1 million over the weekend, the 2004 Ben Sherwood novel, “The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud” that was brought to the big screen ceased to disappoint as I freely accepted the alligator tears that rolled down my cheeks on more than one, two and three occasions. Take into consideration that I may be biased to begin with as a no longer closeted High School Musical fan; I was enthralled and impressed by Efron’s undertaking to fulfill a role that encounters death, romance, love, and loyalty.

Oh, I’m sure I was just fascinated by the glamour of sailboats, an undeniable love affair (pg-13 due to sensual graveyard scene), and my own attraction to disturbed and misunderstood young boys… Needless to say, I walked out of the theater with nothing but lovely words. Consider me in attendance at the next film starring who I will always see as Wildcat Troy Bolton, pre-haircut.

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