Jennifer Aniston’s big screen redemption in The Switch

Sometimes I think it would give me satisfaction to tell Jennifer Aniston, “No one likes you but Courtney and David.” Maybe by “no one,” I am generalizing down to my own self, critiquing her narcissistic career (and personal) decisions and thus failures. Despite my animosity toward someone who reportedly named her perfume after herself, I have a little hope for her end of summer movie co-starring Jason Bateman.


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Post Friends phenomenon and the legendary Brad Pitt divorce, Jennifer Aniston remained famous because she tried, really hard. She’s still trying really hard. She will continue to try, really hard. I can just sense her desperation. Everyone can. Even Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Mason Disick sense it. Snooki senses it. Jennifer reminds me of a sorority sister. She approaches movies, business endeavors and publicity like an insecure girl with Daddy issues who flirts with all eager, sloppy college boys. Yes, to everything. John Mayer, previously linked with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Simpson, used to be a Jennifer Aniston boyfriend. He must dig desperate women falling off the success wagon - who try really hard. (Google Jennifer Love Hewitt Lifetime movie and Jessica Simpson VH1 reality TV show.) I just think John got tired of seeing Jennifer wear belts. Bravo, Jennifer has since moved on from the romantically victimized “Who says I can’t get stoned?” singer/songwriter. According to Star, Jennifer has had a “sexy, secret date” with producer Scott Stuber. This “sexy, secret date” was only several days after being spotted with actor Chris Gartin.

Actually, turns out I like six Jennifer Aniston movies. The Switch could quite possibly be number seven. I’m worried if it can meet expectations; it has a lot of hype to live up to. Juno this and Little Miss Sunshine that. “The most unexpected comedy ever perceived.” I’m interested, and who doesn’t enjoy a little Jason Bateman to take the edge off a Jennifer Aniston role? (Reason why I liked six of her previous movies: Vince Vaughn, Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, and well, I liked He’s Just Not That Into You because I related on a very personal level.)

The Switch opens August 20, and mostly likely I won’t be there opening weekend; however, it has potential for charm. Jennifer Aniston plays a 40-year-old woman with no man(s) who wants to become pregnant via turkey baster. Her best friend, played by Jason Bateman, replaced her preferred sperm with his, due to an inebriated incident. At least that’s what I’ve picked up on from the trailer. Seven years later Aniston and Bateman reunite, but there’s also a third wheel to consider, this cute little kid who has uncanny resemblances to his mom’s old friend.

Jennifer has recently been criticized for her opinion on single parent families, saying that families can be functional without a father figure or what is better known as, a dad. Children without fathers are doomed? Come on now, we all know better. All you need is love.

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  1. Chi Madrid says:

    Jennifer Aniston is great she has made it big since FRIENDS and she has no luck in love but she will find Mr. Right in the future she needs her luck to change!

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