Twilight Robert Pattinson Very Attached to Four-Legged Co-Star

Robert Pattinson, also known as the vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight series, couldn’t resist his Jack Russell Terrier co-star while filming the movie Water for Elephants. Post filming, Robert and the pup will become a family.


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For someone who was once quoted as calling Robert Pattinson a nervous bed bug with an English accent, I enjoyed reading  that the awkward star couldn’t resist the love of a Jack Russell. Admittedly, I have a Jack Russell, Ellie, and she is a doll. So I empathize. While filming alongside Reese Witherspoon, Rob befriended the dog, and had asked the trainer if he could adopt the dog. Star quotes a source as saying, “The trainer said yes, but that it would cost Rob because he’s a show dog with special acting skills. Rob laughed and he said he’d pay whatever. He loves that little pooch!”

Well, I’ve heard that Kristen Stewart is a cat person and obsessively. I know very well that Jack Russell Terriers are way too cool to hang with cats.

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