Study Finds iPhone Owners Have More Sex Partners

According to research data from dating site, iPhone owners have more sex partners than those that own Blackberry or Android phones.

woman-using-iphone (the self-titled “best dating site on Earth”) conducted a site-wide survey on photography of almost 10,000 people. Once the data was compiled they realized the results included two things: 1. type of smart phone 2. number of lifetime sexual partners. Once the data was analyzed it was found that iPhone owners have more sex partners than other smart phone users.

The statistics showed that 30-year-old male iPhone owners had an average of 10 partners in their lifetime, while Blackberry had 8.1 and Android 6.0. The number of sexual partners 30-year-old females had was a staggering 12.3 for iPhone owners, 8.8 for Blackberry owners and 6.1 for Android owners. Women who own the iPhone have had twice as many sexual partners as those who own an Android. writes on their web site: “Finally, statistical proof that iPhone users aren’t just getting f***ed by Apple” – pun intended.

How many people will be running out to trade in their Android for an iPhone….

iPhone owning ladies, don’t be surprised to see an unusual amount of men standing outside Apple stores hoping to get your number ;)

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  1. Philip says:

    10 partners…
    I think there is a problem with the maths!

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