Fantasia Sued for Stealing Husband?

American Idol Fantasia Barrino may be facing a lawsuit for “stealing” her new boyfriend Antwaun Cook from his wife Paula Cook.


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It appears that outdated North Carolina laws could make Fantasia’s life a living hell. Thanks to an “archaic” NC law, Paula Cook has the right to sue Fantasia for “stealing” her husband. This law, described as alienation of affection and criminal conversation (“heartbalm torts”), allows a wife to sue a third party for having a relationship with her husband.

Paula Cook recently filed for divorce and cited an “adulterous affair” between Fantasia and Antwaun as the cause. But North Carolina has a 12 month waiting period before someone can file for a divorce. So Fantasia’s new boyfriend, Antwaun Cook, will be married to Paula for at least 12 more months.

Paula Cook has not yet taken any legal action against Fantasia, but Fantasia’s lawyer, Gena Graham Morris, is acknowledging that Paula could sue Fantasia under North Carolina law.

Paula Cook allegedly has evidence that Fantasia and her husband Antwaun had relations, claiming there is a sex tape to prove it.

Fantasia was hospitalized Monday night for overdosing on aspirin and sleeping pills, reportedly a result of the stress this situation has caused her.

Click here to read more about Fantasia’s hospitalization and the alleged sex tape.

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