Scott and Kourtney’s televised wedding possibly worth $3 million

With that kind of paycheck, I would want to marry the alcoholic and manipulative scoundrel that is Scott Disick too, besides the fact that Scott looks so sharp, especially at NFL star Brian McCray’s wedding. Now whether Kourtney and Scott actually wed this year or not, Kourtney is definitely beating Kim in the fame monster contest as she totes around her very adorable baby Mason and wallows in the drama that follows her notorious boyfriend Scott.


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Despite any official proposal or engagement just yet, a Kardashian-Disick wedding is a hot topic in Hollywood and among Bruce Jenner’s extended network of kids, half-kids, step-kids, kids-in-law… According to In Touch magazine there is talk between the distraught couple with the E! network about a “multi-part deal that could net them a staggering $3 million.” This deal could potentially out-earn Khloe and Lamar’s reported $1 million wedding. A source revealed that, “E! wants to develop a series based around their entire wedding, starting with the proposal and ending with the event. The deal with the network is worth a few million… They could really cash in if they do it.” And if they cash in, which I certainly hope they do, I will watch. I will continue to watch thanks to reruns.

I really think the entire Kardashian family with their plus one Scott Disick is a celebrity conspiracy, and we’re all being punked. Kourtney, a 31-year-old mother, is the epitome of a delusional, stupid girlfriend with no self-respect, and she’s shaming the entire female population. Therefore I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that the whole family is just conspiring together to create a hefty bank account, tabloid material and good television, as if Khloe romping around uttering vulgarities such as “vibrator” and “vagina” and getting her private area waxed aren’t enough to make audiences tune in every Sunday evening.

Friends of Kourtney have implied that she believes with marriage and possibly a second baby, Scott will be more inclined to be a responsible, mature and committed family man. (Haven’t we all heard this same story with some member in our own families?) Does Kourtney not see what happened when Heidi married Spencer?!

I don’t understand the fame that is so addictive and worthwhile. You’re in Star Magazine, not Vogue. Girl, you look tragic.

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  1. Joyce says:

    You are so right! The Kris and her slutty, scanky daughters have no talent and no class. They ONLY reason they are infamous (not famous) is because Kim’s ex released a sex video. They didn’t earn their celebrity status, and the sooner they are all gone, the better. The ony one in the family with any class is Bruce.

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