Bad boy ‘Puck,’ Mark Salling, from Fox’s Glee, releasing solo album

Mark Salling, the edgy dreamboat behind character Noah Puckerman on the Fox series Glee, is more than just a badboy persona with studly looks. He is undeniably talented. As a multi-faceted musician and singer, Mark’s album, Pipe Dreams, will debut October 12.


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You know Mark Salling as Puck, the bad boy in Mr. Scheuster’s glee club at William McKinley High School. He’s the jock and bully hearthrob with some sexy dance moves and dreamy voice singing classics such as Sweet Caroline and Run Joey Run. It should be no surprise then, that Mark is set to release his own solo album this fall, ”distributed through his own label, Pipe Dreams Records,” states Us Magazine. “Pipe Dreams will feature classic rock ‘n’ roll, alternative music and a ’60s folk-beat era sound. Salling will write, perform and produce each track.” He’s a jack of all trades. A one man band!

Before Puck, you may have seen Mark in motion pictures such as Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering or The Graveyard. No? If not, then perhaps you saw him as Billy in one episode of Walker Texas Ranger. Although an actor, music has remained his passion. Mark started playing the piano at age 5 and songwriting at age 7. Throughout the years, he’s learned to play the bass, drums and guitar. Then under his stagename, Jericho, Mark’s first album Smoke Signals was released in early 2008.

Mark fortunately doesn’t have to stray too far from his character Puck. The Frisky and CNN Entertainment have Mark pegged as quite the ladies man. He “has been linked to co-star Naya Rivera, S.C. Johnson heiress Samantha Marq, and even Bachelor winner and hamball Vienna Girardi.” Other fun facts? Mark is 27 and got the role of Puck despite lying during his audition that he was 19. Also, joining the Glee cast was Mark’s last attempt in Los Angeles to land a good gig.  Because of his decreasing funds, he had bags packed and was prepared to return home to Texas. Lastly, Mark told Savvy Magazine that he’s quite knowledgeable about ornithology, the study of birds. ”Crows, Ravens, Magpies, Blue Jays… I know a lot about North American birds,” Mark said during the interview.

Watch Puck swagger in the second season of Glee this fall, premiering September 21. Listen to his first single, Higher Power, which premiered on August 10.

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