Katy Perry likes her Ray Bans and making out in Teenage Dream video

Katy Perry, engaged to English sexoholic and weirdo Russell Brand, is moving on from her overplayed hit California Gurls, featuring Snoop Dogg. Wrapping up the summer, Katy released her second single off her Teenage Dream album dropping August 24th, appropriately titled Teenage Dream. It’s Katy Perry catchy, and her sexy video showcases classic Ray Bans and a steamy make-out scene in what looks like a Motel 6.


Photo Credit: PRPhotos.com

Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream video actually premiered August 10th, but I just saw it this morning on VH1. So it’s new to me. I watched the video from beginning to end, much like how I sat and watched California Gurls in its entirety and any Lady Gaga video. (Rah, rah, ah, ah, ah… Roma, roma, ma…) I watched the Teenage Dream video because I vicariously lived through Katy during those three minutes. I like fun, and it looked like fun - wearing sunglasses and singing in a convertible next to a cute man friend driving on an open California road. (Man friend who you ask? ”Actor” John Kloss. Who? Never heard of him.)

Katy is a party, and I think we’d make great friends. Over the weekend she crashed the Melborne High School prom at the Grand Hyatt in Australia. The formal was Friday night, and she also was staying at the same hotel. While slightly drunk, she stole the show singing California Gurls (with a ‘u’) before being escorted out by security. Katy tweeted, “I totes just crashed a prom!!!” 

Not to mention, Katy is inspiration. Inspiration enough for me to be a Christmas tree for Halloween after seeing her holiday spirited attire at a concert. Christmas trees are fantastic.

Plus, I like the very simple lyrics:
You think I’m pretty
Without any make-up on
You think I’m funny
When I tell the puch line wrong
I know you get me
So I’ll let my walls come down, down

See for yourself.

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