New Facebook Feature Places Launched

Facebook launched its newest mobile feature Places on Wednesday, giving Facebook users the ability to share where they are with their friends.


As if we didn’t already get more information about our Facebook friends than we ever wanted, Facebook has added a location-sharing feature. Users can now share their location by “checking in”, letting their friends know where they are.

The purpose of this new functionality is to avoid that issue of being somewhere and later discovering your friend was at the same place at the same time.

Many are probably already familiar with the Facebook application Foursquare, which also allows people to “check in” and share their location with Facebook friends. Facebook is now allowing this functionality without having to download an application, but applications such as Foursquare will still be available.

When someone “checks in” somewhere, they can also show who they are with my “tagging” their friends. If someone tags you, it shows as if you “checked in” at that location yourself. Like tagged photos on Facebook, you can “un-tag” yourself if you do not want to be included. You can also change your privacy settings to not allow someone to tag you to begin with.

This application is currently available only in the United States and only on the iPhone or iPod Touch. They expect to make it available to more countries and on additional mobile platforms soon.

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  1. Susan says:

    This just doesn’t sound safe. I can see Facebook Places causing major stalking issues.

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