Leonardo DiCaprio could be ready to marry Bar Refaeli

The Inception star and supermodel seem to be the taking steps toward marriage. Leonardo and Bar’s six-month split only lead them right back into their serious relationship. This probably was a result of that six-month time the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model had to work on herself, growing up. (One must know what alone is like, and to not be afraid – and only then can a relationship work.)


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It’s been five years since the actor, 35, and Israeli model, 25, started dating in November 2005. It has also been five years of ongoing break-ups and reunions amidst engagement rumors, commitment issues and other (young) model spottings. However the couple, who met in Las Vegas at a U2 party and just recently vacationed in Italy together, has been inching toward settling down.

In Touch Weekly says that Leo “recently remarked that marriage and family are ‘absolutely gonna happen’ for him someday. ‘And I look forward to it.’” A source for the magazine also informs that “Leo has told his closest friend that his mom has been helping him pick out an engagement ring for Bar. He is finally ready to settle down and make it official. His friends completely support him and are really happy about the decision.”

The former boyfriend of Gisele Bundchen also has plans to sell his home in Hollywood. There’s even word that he’s asked Bar to move in, and that includes a less masculine bachelor pad and a new house together.

As always though, we can’t be so sure. A fear of divorce, however, may deter the actor from truly following through. (Divorce for Leonardo DiCaprio? Big deal. You file for irreconcilable differences, write a check and move on. Next.) Earlier this week celebrity blog I’mnotobsessed questions these marriage rumors as Leo has also said, ”I don’t know whether I’ll ever get married. I’ve seen too many supposedly happy marriages go down. I’ve been as shocked as anyone. No one can look at the marriages of other people and make a judgement. I don’t know the private lives of the actors I work with. I just know if they are good actors or good directors.”

I hope that Leo gets over this, and they stay together forever. Leo’s been there for Bar during her greatest moments in life such as her career peak of gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated and turning 21.

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    Leo gives me a fabulous buzz only rivaled by Starbucks!

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