The Snazzy Napper: Product Innovation or Joke?

The Snazzy Napper, a new product more ridiculous than the Snuggie, is the “snazzy way to sleep while you travel.”


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The Snazzy Napper is designed to cover the eyes to make sleeping more convenient while traveling. It is basically a blanket with a strap that goes around your head, allowing the blanket to cover your face. There is a slit in the blanket for your nose so you can breath. The Snazzy Napper is meant to provide privacy, while shutting out light to make it easier for travelers to sleep.

Some of the selling points of the Snazzy Napper, according to their website are:

  • Soft, lightweight sleep/privacy shield and blanket blocks out distracting light
  • Wrap around a pillow, head cushion, or chair while traveling for extra comfort
  • Use the extra-large version as a blanket
  • A soft nose clip allows the shield to gently contour around the nose and shut out light.
  • Oval nose opening provides for easy breathing.
  • Comfortable fit with adjustable straps

The Snazzy Napper, being called The King of Sleep™, is $14.99 for the original size and $24.99 for the extra-large size, and can be purchased at

The promotional video could easily be mistaken for a Saturday Night Live skit. Check out the video below to see how absolutely absurd this product is.

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