The Oprah Winfrey Show Reaching It’s 25th and Final Season

The 25th and final season of The Oprah Winfrey Show will start September 13 and many are wondering what Oprah has in store.


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To start, Oprah is looking for everyone that was in the audience of her very first show that took place September 8, 1986. This proves to be a difficult task, considering their record keeping was not as good then as it is now.

“Those were the days when I would go out on the street and ask people to come in: ‘Come in! It’s air-conditioned,’” Oprah told TV Guide.

Images from the first telecast have been posted on the Oprah website in hopes of finding those nameless faces.

In addition, Oprah will be taking a trip down memory lane by revisiting Forsyth County in Georgia and Williamson in West Virginia this season. In 1987 Oprah traveled to Forsyth which was a town that allowed no black people. Later that same year, Oprah traveled to Williamson, where a young man who had AIDS was denied access to a grocery store in town.

Viewers can also expect some celebrity guests, but solely for self-promoting purposes.

“We’re saying to all of our celebrity friends, this is not the year you can come on and just promote your book or promote your song,” Oprah says. “You have to create moments. So, the team is looking at ways of pairing different celebrities to create unexpected moments.”

Last, we can probably expect plenty of flashbacks from the last 25 years.

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  1. Cardedra Webster says:

    Hello Miss Winfrey-my name is Cardedera (Dee) for short and i am commenting for my mom who would kill me if she found out. By this i mean she idolizes u – she has been watching u i hear since she was my age and by the way i am 11. She has cried and laughed with you and all your shows. My moms favorite shows from r when give women advice on living life to the fullest and be happy while doing it .She’s mad ur ending the show but wishes you the best of luck .I am asking if u can help me make my moms dreams come true cuz all she does is take care of me and my sister and work.She recently lst her job but truly believes God will make a way . She doesn’t know i know were losing our trailer but i do My mom has done a great job taking care of everybody including y stepdad but can u help me take care of her for a day or so . I know u probably get this alot but my mom can relate to you in many ways only shes not realisticly rich just dreams of only having 1/2 a million dollars to live with. Im not asking for money or nothing just that u help me make my happy cuz she truly makes us happy THANK U SO MUCH FOR ALL UR SHOWS and may God continue blessing you.

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