Paris Hilton Arrested for Cocaine in Las Vegas

Paris Hilton was arrested late Friday night in Las Vegas for possession of cocaine.


Police pulled over a vehicle that Paris Hilton was a passenger in outside the Wynn Hotel late Friday night. The driver of the vehicle, Paris Hilton’s boyfriend Cy Waits, was arrested for DUI (he was driving under the influence of drugs). The police search Hilton and found what appeared to be cocaine in her purse. Police tested the substance and confirmed that it was in fact cocaine.

Paris Hilton has already hired David Chesnoff, one of the most well-known lawyers in Las Vegas, to handle her case. Chesnoff has represented celebrities such as David Copperfield, Suge Knight and Vince Neil.

Paris Hilton is claiming the purse that contained the cocaine was not her purse. It is unclear who’s purse it could have been since she was the only female in the vehicle that was pulled over.

Paris Hilton was detained by police for possession of marijuana in South Africa in July. She claimed the drugs were not hers in that instance as well.

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