Paris Hilton Charged with Felony Drug Possession

Paris Hilton will be charged with felony drug possession for the .8 grams of cocaine that was found in her purse Friday night in Las Vegas.


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A Cadillac Escalade in which Hilton was a passenger was pulled over by police in front of the Wynn Hotel at around 11:30 p.m. and smelled “a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle,” according to the arrest report.

When the officer looked over, “the female passenger started to put the window of the vehicle up,” the report said.

The driver, Paris Hilton’s boyfriend Cy Waits, was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs after he failed field sobriety tests, the report said.

Authorities immediately recognized Hilton as the passenger, the arrest report said, but police did not want to release the vehicle to her following Waits’ arrest because of the strong odor of marijuana emanating from the SUV. They felt they needed to investigate further.

A large crowd began to gather as people realized Hilton was inside, the report said. The police lieutenant who wrote the report, identified as D. Flynn, said he approached the vehicle and told Hilton she needed to get out, as police were going to search it for drugs.

“Hilton told me that she was extremely embarrassed, due to all the people taking pictures of her, and she did not want to be seen by them,” the report said. She said she wanted to stay and see what was going to happen to Waits, but also needed to use the bathroom. She asked Flynn if he would escort her inside the Wynn Hotel to protect her from the crowd “and also asked to go somewhere private and out of the public’s eye until the investigation was over.”

Flynn wrote that he took Hilton inside the hotel to the restroom.

At the hotel, Paris told the cop she needed lip balm so the cop handed Paris her purse: “As she began to open it, I saw a small bindle of what I believed to be cocaine in a clear baggie begin to fall from the purse and into my hand.”

The cop also says that there was a “broken tablet of Albuterol (a prescription medication used to control wheezing). In addition, Zig Zag wrappers, commonly used to roll joints, were found in the purse.

Paris admitted the Albuterol was hers but she said the cocaine was not. She claimed she borrowed the purse from a friend and it was not hers. The cop questioned Paris about the cocaine and according to cops Paris gave an odd answer: “She said she had not seen it, but now thought it was gum.”

Paris has given different stories to friends, saying the purse was hers but had been in the possession of a friend. Her inconsistent story is making is her case of innocence very unbelievable.

Paris Hilton was arrested and taken to the Clark County Detention Center. The substance was tested and confirmed to be 0.8 grams of cocaine. Hilton was released from jail Saturday morning.

“This matter will be dealt with in the courts, not in the media, and I encourage people not to rush to judgment until all of the facts have been dealt with in a court of law,” Hilton’s attorney, David Chesnoff, said in a statement Saturday.

Paris Hilton is set to be arraigned October 27 in Clark County District Court, according to courthouse spokeswoman Jillian Prieto.

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