Driven By Financial Woes, Most of The Apprentice Season 10 Are Unemployed

The new season of  NBC’s The Apprentice premieres Thursday, Sept. 16. Winning that ultimate, high-power Donald Trump job is driven by a tough economy, lay offs, and financial troubles.


Photo Credit: NBC

From a recent college grad and beauty queen to fathers and business owners, 16 smart and savvy candidates are proof that brains and drive won’t make you immune to a recession. Watch these individuals compete to hear Donald Trump say, “You’re hired!”

OK! Magazine breaks down the cast and introduces:
The Controversial One: Gene Folkes.
The Wylie, Texas, financial advisor, 46, is facing felony charges for allegedly assaulting his wife.
The “It” girl: Kelly Smith Beatty
After being laid off from an Atlanta PR firm, Beatty, 30, was forced to move in with her parents.
The Idaho Father: Clint Robertson
Father of three, Robertson, 40, went from having it all to living off of credit in a pal’s Post Falls, Idaho, rental.
The Brain: James Weir
Recently laid off from an NYC law firm, Weir, 31, is a Duke grad with a law degree from Georgetown.
The Cougar: Tyana Alvarado
Alvarado, 41, isn’t just a real estate agent – she’s also “Miss Cougar California.”

The Fighter: Stephanie Castagnier
After both her parents passed away from AIDS at a young age, Castagnier, 34, put herself through college and found success as a banker.
The Navy Vet: David Johnson
Former military man Johnson, 34, has five kids with his high school sweetheart – and mortgage woes.
The Bigwig: Anand Vasudev
A former Fortune 500 company exec, Anand Vasudev, 31, is now trying to launch a vitamin-infused wine label.
The Ace Golfer: Liza Mucheru-Wisner
Kenya-born Mucheru-Wisner, 30, is an avid golfer and an activity director at her alma mater, Texas A&M.
The Baker: Brandy Kuentzel
Thirty-year-old Kuentzel – a former attorney – now runs a San Francisco cupcake company.

Tune in Tuesday, Sept. 16, 9 p.m. on NBC to meet other cast members such as a struggling realtor and father of two, a recent Stanford grad with four NCAA synchronized swimming titles, “Miss Los Angeles,” and an assistant district attorney who’s also a Web show host.

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