The Bachelor Pad Season Finale!

Finalists competed in one last challenge, and past contestants returned to find out who won during the Bachelor Pad reunion!


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The remaining six contestants, Natalie, Dave, Elizabeth, Kovacs, Tenley and Kiptyn, participated in a Dancing With The Stars type of challenge. Each couple trained with a professional and performed. The guys weren’t too happy, and while Tenley the dancer was ecstatic, Elizabeth complained that she doesn’t like dancing.

Each couple had a limo take them to the Los Angeles Ballet studios. Dancing With The Stars’ Chelsie Hightower trained Kiptyn and Tenley, Edyta Sliwinska worked with Elizabeth and Kovacs, while Natalie and Dave were trained by Louis van Amstel.

The couples got in costume, hair, and makeup to start their performances. Chris told them they’d get a score out of 10 from each judge, based on their performance, chemistry, and effort. The winning couple got immunity, and would get to pick the other couple to bring with them to the finale.

The three guest judges for the competition were Melissa Rycroft, The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka, and Trista Sutter of The Bachelorette. Kiptyn and Tenley performed well, for a total of 26 points from the judges.

Elizabeth and Kovacs didn’t do as well as the first couple, receiving only 24 points.  Dave and Natalie were the last to perform, and though they weren’t as great as the first couple, they beat out Elizabeth and Kovacs with 25 points. This left Kiptyn and Tenley to choose who they’d bring to the finale with them.

Back at the house, Dave and Natalie discussed how the money would help them move to the same city together. Tenley seemed like she wanted to keep Natlie and Dave around.

At the rose ceremony, Tenley and Kiptyn announced that they’d like to have Dave and Natalie join them in the finale. This left Elizabeth and Kovacs going home, and even though they didn’t win, they were happy to have a relationship develop at the pad.

At the Bachelor Pad reunion, Chris and his co-host Melissa welcomed the previously eliminated contestants back, and told them they’d have a hand in voting for the winner.

At the reunion, Elizabeth revealed that she and Kovacs had broken up because Kovacs turned out to be a player. Gia revealed that she’s also single now, and Chris asked about her chemistry with Wes. Giving in to the audience’s cheers for them to kiss, Gia and Wes stood up and shared their first real onscreen kiss.

Chris brought the final two couples out, and Tenley happily admitted that she and Kiptyn are officially in a relationship. Dave and Natalie revealed that things are going well for them.

Chris explained that the eliminated contestants would vote for the couple they believe best deserved the money. Before the votes, the contestants got to ask the four finalists anything they like.

Jessie asked Dave if he picked Natalie for strategic purposes, but Dave denied that. Dave apologized to Krisily when she asked him why he lied about keeping her around on the night she was sent home. Kiptyn apologized when Nikki asked him about voting her off even though she was loyal to him.

When asked how she feels about Tenley now, Michelle stated that she was angry that Tenley spread rumors about her sleeping with Chris M. The audience booed Michelle when she told Tenley that she won’t get her vote. Dave apologized when Gwen challenged him on his previous assumption that someone in their late 30s was a loser for being on a dating show. She explained that she participated in the show for the money, not for a relationship. While Juan publicly doubted that Tenley deserved to be a finalist, Jessie defended her, saying that she made it far because she won the competitions.

Each finalist then got a chance to tell everyone why they deserve to win. Natalie planned on paying off her debt and starting a charity with her winnings. Dave reminded everyone that he was always honest at the mansion. Tenley pulled at everyone’s heartstrings when she talked about using the money to pay her parents back, since they suffered with her when she lost her house in her divorce. Kiptyn wanted to spend his winnings on charities and on having fun.

When it was finally time to vote for the winner, Peyton, Jessie, Krisily, Jesse B, Ashley, Michelle, and Nikki vote for Dave and Natalie, while Craig M, Weatherman, Juan, and Gwen vote for Kiptyn and Tenley. Wes finally reveals his vote for Dave and Natalie, saying, “I got you, brother.”

Since there was only one prize, the winning couple went to separate rooms and choose whether they wanted to keep their earnings or share it with their partner. If only one chose ‘keep’, they would get the money, if both chose ‘share’, they would share the prize. Here’s the surprising catch, if both chose ‘keep’, then they both don’t get any money, and the prize is split among the other contestants (talk about payback for being greedy!).

Without a chance to discuss their decision, Natalie and Dave were voted privately. Dave revealed that he wanted to share the money. After rambling on about her answer, Natalie revealed that she also wanted to share the money. The crowd went wild, as Dave celebrated by giving host Chris Harrison a kiss on the mouth.  Natalie and Dave each got $125,000 as the Bachelor Pad Season One winners!

Who would you have voted for to win? Would you have chosen to ‘keep’ or ‘share’ the money?

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