Ashton Cheating on Demi Rumor Fueled by Text Messages

Rumors have been swirling that Ashton Kutcher, 32, has been cheating on wife Demi Moore, 47. The latest claim made by STAR Magazine is that there is proof of Ashton’s unfaithfulness via text message with 21-year old Brittney Jones.


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This week’s issue of STAR Magazine allegedly includes actual text messages from Ashton Kutcher to Brittney Jones. The story is that Ashton got Jones’ number at a bowling alley and was texting her just hours after. The exchanges between the two are said to include messages such as “What are you wearing now?” and “whens the next time you’re gonna have an empty house?”

“Ashton was really paranoid,” Jones tells STAR Magazine. “My phone was broken at the time, so I couldn’t receive or make calls, I could only text.”

Jones also claims she and Ashton had sex this summer in his home when Demi was away.

Ashton is denying the claims and even threatened to sue STAR Magazine last month. Demi is backing him up, and the couple are presenting a united front as they prepare to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary on Friday.

Ashton visited Demi on September 18 in Michigan on the set of the movie she is currently filming, The Reasonable Bunch. During the visit, a set source says the couple seemed as loving as ever: “She gushes over Ashton,” the source tells People. “You could hear them laughing in her trailer.”

Another source tells People, the couple are “angry” about the rumors and have instructed loved ones not to inquire: “Kind of a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy.”

Many thought the couple’s age difference would catch up with them at some point, and feel that this is finally it.

“Somehow I thought it was going to come back to haunt them,” an industry colleague tells People. “He got married young and, as crass as this sounds, never seemed to have his fill.” Still, “they seemed super committed.”

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