Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Launches $4.99 iPhone App

While most iPhone applications are usually around $.99, Mike Sorrentino just launched a five dollar app with features for those who appreciate the importance of a well-rounded tan, rock hard abs and clean, lavendar-scented clothes.


Photo Credit: MTV

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino may have performed at the bottom of Monday’s Dancing with the Stars premiere, but he’s been banking big time. Mike’s business deals range from a workout DVD to a fashion line that he’s spearheading with his older brother Marc.

“People are going to be really excited about our retro suede jumpsuits,” Marc told RadarOnline. “We’re bringing them back because they were worn by the most stylish Italians.” Hitting major industries such as television, fashion and fitness, to brand himself, Mike’s savvy to not exclude technology such as an iPhone application available at the iTune’s store.

According to ABC news, immediately accessible via the app are “a workout plan to craft enviable abs, a GTL finder to locate the nearest gym, tanning salon or laundromat, a soundboard that plays notable quotables from “The Sitch” (i.e.: “Big is out and lean is in”), a button to Facebook message Sorrentino, and a game called Grenade Dodger, in which deadly grenades — Jersey Shore slang for less-than-attractive women — fall from above.”

Hate him or love him, you kind of know him, and that alone is enough for Mike to love himself even more.

For 2010 Mike is said to have an autobiography and vodka line in the works as well, making his way to be worth $5 million.

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