Naked Kim Kardashian Pictures Leaked from Playboy Shoot

Actions speak louder than words, and Kim Kardashian’s naked Playboy pictures and legendary sex tape speak louder than her defensive words of innocence. Can the reality TV star really expect to “act” so mortified and shocked when her naked photos are spread like wildfire?


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Click here to check out photos of Kim posing nude for W Magazine!

Just like Lindsay Lohan is back at failed drug tests, (“I don’t know why that test came back negative?”) Kim Kardashian is back at playing modest and conservative (“Those professional Playboy pictures were taken to remain private.”)  And just like Lindsay Lohan is facing the merry-go-round of jail time, Kim is lashing back at the Playboy photos that she took in 2007 stating that she never meant for those to be released.

If you strip down and/or tape “intimate moments” with your boyfriend, then you better own it when that is what makes you famous and writes your checks. Kim’s photos were from an October photo shoot for Playboy magazine three years ago, one if the publications biggest-selling issues, and a slew of the racier, more pornographic images were unveiled on the Playboy Cyber Club, which requires paying members; however, when you’re one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood, eventually those pictures are available free of cost despite being a hot commodity.

Kim has been known for regretting the photo shoot, and she’s voiced that she felt uncomfortable while taking the pictures for the magazine, even stating that her mother Kris had coerced her into the whole endeavor. These do not look like pictures of discomfort. Discomfort does not entail a jeweled thong with the studded words “sexy” and a fur coat. Good luck to Kim for both loving and pretending to hate her image.

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