Jenny McCarthy Tells Oprah Why She Was A “Master Manipulator” With Jim

Jenny McCarthy visits The Oprah Show promoting her adults only, “naughty” book “Love, Lust & Faking It: The Truth About Sex, Lies, and True Romance.” She opens up to Oprah about what Jim has taught her, how she was the hairiest at Playboy, and why she’s the love of her life.


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Comedian, model and Autism advocate Jenny McCarthy published her very own relationship/self-help book, and much of her material is owed to her extinct 5 year relationship with actor Jim Carrey. Jenny started opening up to Oprah about their relationship by admitting that they had actually ended it for weeks before his tweet, “Jenny and I have just ended our 5yr relationship. I’m grateful 4 the many blessings we’ve shared and I wish her the very best!” Jenny added that unlike reality TV, you don’t see the dark moments, but the photographed great moments were definitely “love.” She said she knew it was over though when it wasn’t fun anymore, and when the fights were more frequent; however, they decided to end in peace, not war.

Oprah asked Jenny if, while with Jim, did she ever think they’d be together for the long-run. She responded that her higher self told her probably not because she kept her house despite living with Jim. Then with a fist pump she said, “to all the young girls out there - make you own money!”

Jenny also referred to herself as a relationship ”master manipulator,” as many women are, for example, when women give the silent treatment or play the guilt card. In reflection, Jenny saw her relationship as an hour glass and each sand that fell was a lesson learned; the most profound lesson being that she’s the love of her life, and she doesn’t need a lover to have love. “The Tom Cruise line, ‘You complete me,’ is a complete farce!” Jenny exclaimed. Oprah chimes in, “That really messed some women up,” and it’s “not reality. Nobody can complete you.”

What about Jenny’s sex image? “Not important,” Jenny responded. She said she feels really good after a work out or in clothes only for herself. Jenny first found fame for her sexual image when she was on the cover of Playboy in 1993. After sending out 80 applications for modeling, she was called in to only one agency just to be rejected. She was told that she will never be a model and to go home and serve beer. On a whim, Jenny ran across the street to the Playboy headquarters and one hour after an impromptu bikini photoshoot, she was instantly Miss October. Jenny added that she was actually horrified during the shoot when the photographer yelled, “Whooooaaaa!” after he asked her to take down her undies. The young model was told by the photographer that he’s never seen anyone as hairy as her, but to “shoot it and light it.”

The self-proclaimed “warrior” said that she and Jim will never get back together. She is now ”diet-dating” and likes a sweet guy with a daughter, but it’s not too serious. She has learned to always be her authentic self and not act. Her advice? In the beginning of a relationship be authentic and not the “fake me.” Jenny has never been better.

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