Bret Michaels Naked on Billboard Magazine October Cover

Bret Michaels is featured on the cover of Billboard Magazine‘s October 2010 issue wearing only a blue bandana on his head and a necklace.


Photo Credit: Billboard Magazine

Thankfully the words “Maximum Exposure” are strategically placed on the cover over Michaels’ private parts. For being 47-years-old, Michaels looks pretty good. One has to wonder how much airbrush work was done on his abs…

It appears that the rest of the nation thinks Bret looks pretty good too. The demand for the October issue has been so overwhelming that Billboard has decided to print and offer more copies for sale.

Bret Michaels lands at No. 30 on the Billboard‘s 2010 Maximum Exposure list which was released in the October issue.

In the Billboard interview, Bret Michaels talks about his new VH1 reality show, Life As I Know It.

When asked what the premise of his new show was, Michaels replied, “The narrative of the show is simple: It’s an all-access backstage pass into my everyday life, about finding balance between my passion for my family, my relationship with [girlfriend] Kristi [Gibson] and being on the road. If you were to live with me for a couple months and go through all my emotions in a given day when I’m hands-on in my career, it is unbelievably mind-blowing.”

Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It will premiere October 18 on VH1.

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  1. Laura P says:

    bret michaels can be naked like that anyday!! lookin’ good for 47!

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