Jake Gyllenhaal Doesn’t Want To Turn 30

Hunky Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t too thrilled that he’s turning 30 in two months.


Photo Credit: PRPhotos.com

(Click here to see photos of Jake Gyllenhaal naked!) Gyllenhaal joked about the milestone, saying he has mixed emotions about leaving his 20s behind when his birthday rolls around on December 19th. “Look guys, I’m not 30 yet! Can you cut it with the 30 comments?” Gyllenhaal joked at Saturday’s New Yorker Festival in Manhattan. Though he’s leaving his 20s behind, the Prince of Persia star says he feels more comfortable with the person he has become. “I feel more like myself. I feel like now, it’s just the beginning. I guess you get to a point at 30 or somewhere and you say, ‘What I am, is what I am and that’s what I’m going to be and that’s all good. I don’t need to be anything else.’ And that’s kind of how I feel.” Gyllenhaal admitted that his big sister Maggie Gyllenhaal, 32, originally got Jake into acting. The siblings performed together quite often when their parents held dinner parties. “Some of my earliest memories are of my sister coming back from doing a rehearsal for some musical during elementary school. I would watch her, and I realized that she got attention that way. I joined her and we would put on shows together and she would always boss me around.” Fans wonder if the Gyllenhaals would act together again on the big screen as they had in  Donnie Darko (2001). Jake told People, “I love her a lot, but we don’t go around looking for something to work on together. I would rather spend time with my niece, [Maggie's daughter Ramona, 4] and spend time as brother and sister.” “It would take something that I love so much … that I would need her to be a part of, and vice versa,” Jake continued. Oh, hunky Jake, you’ll never be too old to drool over. I’m sure you’ll age beautifully like Johnny Depp and George Clooney. Catch Jake in Love And Other Drugs, which is set to hit theaters on November 24th.

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  1. gabby says:

    Well, when your birthday comes, Happy Birthday!:) Hope you the best of luck in the 30′s

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