Glee’s ‘Religious’ Episode

Grilled Cheesus, atheists finding God, and communal prayers for a medical miracle, tonight’s Glee was full of controversy but simultaneously pulled at the audience’s heartstrings.

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After Finn finds “Jesus” on his grilled cheese sandwich (I know, quite blasphemous), he preserves half the sandwich and promises God that he’ll pay tribute to him at Glee club if he answers his prayers (one being, to get to second base with Rachel).

When Finn presents his idea to Glee club, the atheist and mixed faith members oppose dedicating songs to Jesus. As a compromise, Will says that they are allowed to perform numbers about spirituality. Of course Sue steps in and threatens to go to the board about Will allowing religion in public schools.

Kurt’s dad, Burt, suffers a heart attack and ends up in the hospital, leaving Kurt devastated. Though his fellow Gleeks offer their prayers for Burt’s recovery, Kurt dismisses them as he doesn’t believe in God. Kurt’s beautiful rendition of The Beatle’s “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” along with flashbacks of his childhood memories with Burt, was quite the tearjerker.

Mercedes tries to support Kurt with her version of Whitney Houston’s “I Look to You,” and tells Kurt, “You gotta believe in something.” Mercedes invites Kurt to attend church with her so that she can dedicate the mass to Burt. During the mass, Mercedes leads the choir with her beautiful version of Simon & Garfunkle’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

When Emma tells Finn that believing in a Cheesus sandwich is ridiculous, Finn breaks out in REM’s “Losing my Religion,” which further highlighted the question of God’s existence that this episode centered around.

Tonight we also saw a softer side of Sue, as she spent time with her mentally challenged older sister, Jean. Fans saw vulnerability in Sue when she softly asked Jean If she believes in God.

Rachel and Finn fans also saw the two struggle with an understanding of faith, as Rachel tells Finn that she was raised Jewish and doesn’t believe in Jesus.

Fans let out a sigh of relief when Burt squeezed Kurt’s hand at the end of the episode. The Glee club, all dressed in white, ended the show with their performance of Joan Osborne’s “One of Us,” while Finn finally eats his preserved Cheesus sandwich.

This episode about religion was quite interesting and definitely deeper than last week’s Britney Spears episode. It gave our beloved Glee characters more depth. It echoed society’s struggle and attitude towards religion in a multi-faith world that is becoming more secular. What’s interesting about this episode is that even though some may see tonight’s Glee as a mockery of religion, I think it actually did the opposite, in that it represented God and highlighted Merecedes’ belief that no matter what you believe in, “You gotta believe in something.”

Perhaps tonight’s episode was Glee’s way to celebrate religion…in a way that only Glee can.

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