‘Jersey Shore’ Angelina Sees a Therapist And Cries A lot

The show that made Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino a household name from Dancing With The Stars to his own iPhone application has also made outsider housemate Angelina Pivarnick resent the show, and she can no longer watch it.


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On last week’s Jersey Shore episode, Angelina left the house hoping that someone, anyone, would ask her to stay. Alas, the cast couldn’t see her out the door fast enough. The self-described Kim Kardashian of Staten Island tells Us Magazine that she “was bullied to the fullest sense.” Angelina was called fat, a whore, a whale, a trash bag, and even a dirty hampster…

The name calling drove Angelina, 24, to the bathroom to cry many times in Miami. She told Us that Mike once put a condom filled with whipped cream on her pillow and another time left grated cheese and olive oil all over her bed. “It was yellow and I thought Mike pissed on my bed,” she said.

Angelina, a former bartender, currently lives at home with her mom and sister on Staten Island.

“It bothers me hearing the names they call me, and that it looks like I’m the backstabber,” she exclaims. “My head is really f–ked up; I see a therapist, I cry a lot. It’s probably going to take me a year to get over this. My mom got bleeding ulcers from the stress — it’s hard to watch her daughter go through what I did.”

Last week Angelina told MTV’s The Seven, “I was definitely bullied, basically. I was definitely the person that everybody blamed for everything,” she said. “I was blamed for the note. Meanwhile, I didn’t even do it. I was blamed for talking about everybody. Meanwhile, we were all wrong. Everybody talks about everybody.”

After the year that it will take to recover from whipped cream condoms and grated cheese bed sheets, Angelina may just pursue a career in music. “I think I have a good voice,” she said. “I’ve been testing it out with this producer I know, and I actually rap really good too. You would never expect it I know, but I’m actually really good at it.” Who would have guessed that Angelina from Jersey Shore can “rap really good?”

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