Brody Jenner and Girlfriend Avril Lavigne Have Matching Tattoos

Dating since February, The Hills star Brody Jenner and pop singer Avril Lavigne have branded themselves with tattoos to show their undying love and devotion for one another – more than once and more than twice.


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The couples first matching tattoos were identical lightning bolt designs, perhaps symbolizing how struck down they were by true love. “His” is behind his ear and “hers” is on her forearm.

The second time around Brody and Avril got each others’ names tattooed. Brody has Avril, dotted with a star, on his inner arm, and Avril has Brody inked on her right chest. Then to add to their collection, the couple got matching tattoos of the word “F—” on their respective rib cages.

Both have been known to share tattoos with their significant others. Avril is divorced from Sum 41′s Deryck Whibley since last October. She has a small pink heart circling the letter “D,” which stands for Divorce, and she also has a star tattoo on her left wrist that matches a tattoo of collaborator and producer Ben Moody.

Brody’s ex-girlfriends include Nicole Richie, The Hills Kristen Cavallari, model Cora Skinner, and Playboy playmate Jayde Nicole. Brody has Jayde’s initials tattood on the inside of his lower lip, a “B” that stands for Brody, and “Jenner” down his torso that stands for narcissism. Keep on inkin’!

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