Duets on Glee!

Tonight’s episode of Glee included budding new romances, and Gleeks singing in couples…almost.

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The show opens with Will’s announcement that Puck is in juvie, and it’s unknown when he’s returning. He then introduces Glee club’s newest member: Sam Evans, and announces that they’ll have a duets competition. The best team would win dinner at Breadsticks.

Sam agrees to be Kurt’s duet partner, even against Finn’s warnings that it’d ruin his image. Finn accuses Kurt of chasing after Sam, and warns him that people will pick on Sam if he continues.

Before the competition begins, Rachel and Finn perform a fun version of Elton John’s “Don’t go breaking my heart,” and are sure they’re going to win this competition. Rachel suddenly realizes she wants to be a better person by letting Sam win. She thinks the team will believe in him more and he’d give them the boost they need to win nationals. They later decide to do a bad, offensive song, to ensure that they lose.

After Santana’s random make out session with Brittany (umm…since when?) Santana convinces Mercedes to team up with her and they perform a sassy version of Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High.”

Brittany tells Artie that she’s really into him and convinces him to be her duet partner, while Artie is under the impression that they’re in a relationship, and makes sure Tina knows it. While rehearsing in Brittany’s room, Artie tells Brittany he can’t get over Tina. She has sex with him, but Artie later realizes Brittany was just using him. He scolds her for taking sex so casually with him. They end up pulling out of the competition.

Kurt takes care of his dad, while he tells him about Sam. His dad warns him against chasing Sam. Later, Kurt approaches Sam while he’s in the shower and says he doesn’t have to be his partner anymore.

Kurt does a duet alone, saying when someone is different they must get used to being alone. His performance of “Le Jazz Hot” from “Victor Victoria,” was, as Kurt would say, fabulous. Kurt’s costume and snazzy dance moves made the performance fun to watch.

Quinn helps Sam clean up after a few jocks throw blueberry jam on him. Sam sweet talks Quinn into being his duet partner. While rehearsing, Sam tries to kiss Quinn, which sends her off on a tangent about how this year is all about her. She tells Sam that they can’t sing together anymore. Thanks to Finn and Rachel’s meddling, Quinn agrees to partner up with Sam and they perform a cute version of Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat’s “Lucky.” The chemistry between the blondes is truly endearing.

Rachel and Finn’s awkward and inappropriate performance of by Billy Preston and Syreeta’s “With You I’m Born Again,” in which the couple dress up as a nun and priest, disappoints Will and the rest of the Gleeks.

Surprisingly, the most memorable performance of the night was Tina and Mike Chang’s rendition of “Sing” from “A Chorus Line.” Their back-and-forth singing and dancing was truly a delight, especially when the rest of the Gleeks joined in to finish off the number. I would definitely like to see more of Tina and Mike this season, even though he actually proved that he can’t really sing.

Once Sam and Quinn are announced as the duet winners, they share their celebratory dinner at Breadsticks where Sam tells Quinn she’s brave to face school again after last year. He reassures her that he doesn’t judge her because he has his own secret. Quinn thinks he’s gay but Sam denies that and confesses that he dyed his hair to look cooler. Quinn tells him to pay for dinner, because it’s there first date. Perhaps their cute performance was the first indicator of Glee’s next power couple? Watch out Rachel and Finn!

Rachel reaches out to Kurt, telling him he’s not alone and asks him to perform a duet with her. They close the show with their warm performance of “Happy Days are Here Again”/”Get Happy,” by Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland. Is it just me or does Lea Michel overdo it with her facial expressions when she sings?

I felt the show was missing something…oh yeah, Sue. I hope Sue’s back next week, because Glee surely isn’t the same without her!

Though I expected more compelling performances for a duets episode, the show was satisfactory overall, as it focused more on the characters than the music. Perhaps Glee is reacting to critics by starting to make their characters more three-dimensional? Thoughts?

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