The ‘Jersey Shore’ Family Finale; Who’s Fake and Who’s Fake?

Ohh yeah the second season of Jersey Shore debuted last night, and the pressure to have a perfect last night and last last night may have been too much for the Family. Among Sammi refusing to help make tacos, Vinny pegged as a follower, and a “Who’s fake!?” quadrangle, the last night was not how the family wished.


Photo Credit: MTV

But they made up, and nobody hates top-heavy Snooki.

The finale of Jersey Shore 2 opened with a trip to the Everglades, the subtropical wetlands in the southern portion of Florida… They encountered little and big crocodillies and afterward ordered fried frogs at Coopertown Restaurant.

But what went down on the Last Night(s)? Vinny and Pauly D took their Miami girls on romantic dinner dates. Vinny and Pauly did not smoosh, err smash, with Ramona or Rocio; they’re not those kinds of girls. Sammi and Ronnie’s last night date night did not go as well, unfortunately. Ronnie questions Sammi’s maturity as a 23-year-old woman. The couple then took their negative energy to the club with the rest of the Family. After Sam asked, ”Why are you with me?” Ron answered, “I can’t help the way that I feel… I love you.” And Sammi loves Ron! Her inner 23-year-old mature woman apologizes, and they, like always, get through it.

For everyone else at club B.E.D., the goal was to get it in with a DTF and to stay true to a Say No to Hoes campaign. (Jersey math: Two grenades equal a non-grenade.)

What looks like the next day (a second last night), Sammi refuses Snooki’s offer to help make tacos. Sammi’s honesty is actually admirable. She’s open about not caring. Couldn’t we all learn from Sammi when it comes to having the courage to say “no” more often? Liberation. Next, during a fun game of Jersey Shore Hall of Fame, Mike voted Vinny as winning the “biggest follower” superlative. His decision was based on Vinny’s past non-participation in errands and GTL. Remember Vinny tans outside in the sun – and not in tanning beds. This season though, Vinny’s MVP status.

The night ultimately took a turn for the worst when fingers started pointing on who’s fake and the fakest in the house. Following the finale’s storyline went fine until the Who’s Fake debate, and even the Family stumped me during the heated Snooki-Jenni-Mike-Pauly accusations. I blame Ronnie’s nipple ring for distracting me and confusing me on how Jenni was breaking up a friendship and who ratted Pauly out.

What’s so amazing about Jersey Shore though is that their love for one another always manages to outweigh their problems. In the end, their friendship conquers all. Oh yeahh.

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