The Rocky Horror Glee Show!

Tonight’s Glee paid tribute to the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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Besides the fantastic performances Gleeks expect, we also got to see John Stamos in action…Yes, Uncle Jesse singing again!

The show opened with only Santana’s lips singing “Science Fiction/Double Feature.” Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) conducts a dress rehearsal that Carl (Stamos) interrupts, accusing Will of messing with his woman, Emma. This sends Will a week back, recalling what happened.

Will recalls Emma telling him that Carl took her to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show, while Schuester has an inner dialogue asking himself how Carl has changed Emma. He decides that Glee club will do a Rocky tribute show, even though Emma warns him the material is risky.

Even Will’s students are unsure if the show is appropriate, but Will says Rocky Horror is all about pushing limits. The students choose their roles. Finn and Rachel will play Brad and Janet, Mike offers to play Frankenfurter, as Sam gets the role of Rocky. Artie gets the role of Dr. Scott and Kurt is assigned Riff Raff. Everyone else will play Columbias and Magentas.

Finn admits he doesn’t feel comfortable being in his undies on stage. He confesses this to Sam, who coaches him on having a strict diet and workout routine, but also reveals his own insecurities.

TV news producers, played by the original Rocky Horror cast members Barry Bostwick and Meatloaf, inform Sue about the school doing Rocky Horror. They ask her to do an expose on it for “Sue’s Corner” on WOHN. Sue lies to Will, saying she wants to join the Rocky tribute and support the arts. Will invites her to play a criminologist and Sue agrees to attend a rehearsal.

Will asks Emma to be his costume designer while Mike pulls out as Frankenfurter. Sue recruits Carl to audition, much to Will’s jealousy. When Carl takes the role of Eddie, Mercedes steps up to the role of Frankenfurter.

Among the performances tonight, including “Dammit Janet,” and Mercedes’ sassy performance of “Sweet Transvestite,” the one performance that stood out was John Stamos’ rendition of “Hot Patootie.”

How great was it to see John Stamos singing and dancing? Though the music was from Rocky Horror, seeing Stamos perform like that just brought back those “Jesse and the Rippers” days…(any other Uncle Jesse and Full House fans out there?…No?).

After their dress rehearsal, Will approaches Emma and tells her he’s taking over the role of Rocky since Sam expressed he was uncomfortable parading around in gold shorts. He asks Emma to help him rehearse “Touch-a Touch-a Touch me,” and they perform it while Santana and Brittany spy. We see Emma let loose and share an intense scene with Will that leaves them both out of breath.

Finn decides to push the limits in order to get comfortable in his undies. He ends up getting suspended for walking the halls in his tighty whities. Will gets the principle to revoke his suspension, but is warned that he needs to consider the risk he’s putting on Glee club with Rocky Horror.

After another rehearsal we are brought back to the first scene where Carl goes off on Will for hitting on Emma.

Later, Becky shows Will Sue’s expose on Glee’s Rocky performance. Will scolds Sue for setting him up, but Sue tells Will it’s wrong to expose high school children to this material. Will decides to cancel the show. He confesses to Emma that he just used the show to get closer to her and apologizes. He knows Carl is making her life better and he should back off.

Will tells his students that their performance of Rocky isn’t worth the risk to Glee club. He explains that Rocky isn’t about pushing the envelope but it’s a show for outcasts to feel like they fit in. He announces they’ll perform it for themselves.

The episode ends with a fantastic performance of “The Time Warp,” with Will cheering Glee club on.

Besides briefly touching on issues of male body image insecurity, this episode didn’t really advance any major plots for the characters. The tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show was all about the fantastic costumes, dancing, and singing. It was good to see that Rachel (Lea Michele) wasn’t the main focus of today’s episode, for a change.

And I probably already mentioned this…but Uncle Jesse singing on Glee?! Awesome.

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