YouTube Sensation and Rock Band Atomic Tom Performs Using Only Their iPhones

Unknown band Atomic Tom hit the music radar only after their revolutionary live performance on a New York City subway singing their single “Take Me Out.” Using iPhones as their only instruments, their performance became an instant viral sensation.


Atomic Tom

Atomic Tom used iPhone software to emulate their instruments, that were supposedly stolen, to entertain the B train with the single Take Me Out. After a million views on YouTube in three days and two million views in less than a week, the struggling band finally got their publicity.

Not only was the performance created by instrument applications (connected to amplifiers), but the video was recorded using the iPhone as well. Truthfully though, the Brooklyn band’s instruments were not stolen and the performance was not impromptu, having prepared and practiced well beforehand. The fictional tale combined with some tech savviness and a bandmate’s rockin’ mustache have made Atomic Tom’s “Take Me Out” among the top 100 iTunes singles.

Atomic Tom told Tech News Daily, “It’s been unbelievable. We thought we’d be lucky to get a few thousand views in a month like our other videos. We released it last Friday and then by Sunday it had over a million hits. The crazy thing is that we did this all on our own — we kept the video a secret from Apple, our record label — Universal Republic Records — our manager, friends and families. Needless to say, everyone was shocked when it started blowing up on the Internet.”

Despite using their iPhone 4 and 3GS’s to further launch their career, they do not want to become an “iPhone band.”

“We love the video and had a blast making it,” the band added. ”We’re always happy to play the iPhone version of the song, but it probably won’t become a live show feature.”

Atomic Tom will make their late-night debut on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on October 28. The band will perform using traditional instruments and iPhones. Their debut album, “The Moment,” hits stores November 23. One hit wonder or do they have musical staying power? Although they did lie for fame…

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