Ashlee Simpson Jealous Over Pete Wentz’ New Lead Singer

As Ashlee’s career remains stagnant and Pete creates an album with his new band called the Black Cards, their celebrity marriage faces tension and theat.

The young family always appears to be happy while out in the public eye, but sources reveal to In Touch Weekly that jealousy and fights are prevalent in Pete and Ashlee’s relationship. Because of a new young singer in Pete’s band and Ashlee’s partying, the two are reportedly in very different places.

Married in 2008, Pete and Ashlee have remained very close, especially because of their 23-month-old son Bronx. Recently though, Pete has also been very hard at work in his career forming his new band the Black Cards that features young vocalist Bebe Rexha from Staten Island, N.Y.

Ashlee has had a hard time dealing with Pete’s other lady, and according to an In Touch source, “Ashlee is very immature and insecure. Her career has waned and she doesn’t have much on the horizen. And she is still very jealous about the girl in Pete’s band. They fight about it all the time.”

With an unsuccessful gig on Melrose Place and an extint musical career, Ashlee is at a crossroads and struggling to find herself. Insiders say that Ashlee’s been “partying like no one’s business. She’s the life of the party everywhere she goes, and she goes to a lot of parties, that’s for sure.”

It is questionable whether the couple’s marriage will survive the differences in the young parents’ lives. Ashlee’s lack of motivation and difficulty growing up may be off-putting to Pete who is more focused on business these days, than partying. As parents though, they remain very loving and dedicated to their son Bronx.

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