Glee: Never Been Kissed

Tonight’s Glee, titled, “Never Been Kissed,” had the boys competing against the girls.

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Will announces that Glee club will have a boys versus girls week, in preparation for sectionals.

Kurt is repeatedly harassed by a jock. When Will tries to help him, Kurt tells him that this is his battle alone. Kurt also tells Will that he needs more of a challenge in Glee club’s assignment, so Will tells Glee club that the boys must sing songs that are usually sung by women, and vice-versa.

Kurt visits Dalton Academy, an all-boys school and meets a cute boy named Blaine, who invites him to a harmonious performance of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” While Kurt and Blaine talk, Blaine reveals that he’s also gay and encourages Kurt to stand up for himself. With a new sense of courage, Kurt confronts his bully and is surprised when he kisses him. Kurt and Blaine try to talk to the bully but he rejects their help and continues harassing Kurt.

Puck gets out of juvie on probation and with a sentence of community service. He claims that Artie is his community service and teaches him how to be cool to get Brittany back. They perform Bob Marley’s “One Heart,” on campus for money and make $300. Puck and Artie take Brittany and Santana on a double date at Breadsticks. After they eat, Puck tries to dine and dash, but Artie ends up paying for the meal. Later, Puck gets in trouble for not completing appropriate community service and is to be sent back to juvie. Puck acts out and tells Artie how horrible juvie was for him. Artie convinces Puck to complete his assigned community service to stay out of juvie and pledges to tutor Puck so that he’d get an A in geometry.

Finn teaches the guys to imagine something that will cool them off during make-out sessions with their girlfriends. Sam begins by imagining Coach Beiste and calls out her name while making out with Quinn, sending her to Sue for advice. Will overhears the guys discussing their cool-off method and scolds them for being mean.

Coach Beiste makes Will tell her why the guys have been acting strange around her. Will informs her about their cool-off method, which deeply hurts her and forces her to quit (much to Sue’s joy).

The girls perform a mash-up of the Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up” and Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer.” Besides the seemingly odd addition of fans to help their hair blow in the wind, the performance was fantastic.

After Will scolds the guys for hurting Beiste, he tries to convince her to stay at the school. In tears, Beiste reveals that she’s never been kissed and doesn’t feel like a woman. Will tells Beiste she’s a beautiful woman and seals their talk with a kiss. He invites her to Glee club for an apology from the guys.

The guys perform a mash up of The Supremes’ “Stop! In The Name Of Love” and “Free Your Mind” by En Vogue, complete with enjoyable dance moves and great singing. Beiste accepts the guys’ apology, and the show ends with a group hug.

First, I’d like to say that it’s great to have Puck back in this episode. Though a bit too cheesy at times, especially with the group hug to end the show, tonight’s Glee differed as it actually focused less on the music and more on the characters and furthering the plot. I could see the messages Glee tried to convene, especially regarding the struggles that Kurt goes through as a gay student, as well as the notion of beauty and femininity. Though I enjoyed Blaine and look forward to seeing him more on the show, I would’ve appreciated what Glee was trying to do if they toned down the cheesy moments, just enough so they didn’t make me cringe.

What do you all think about tonight’s episode? Sap overload, or is it just me?

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