Not So Innocent? Taylor Swift is a Player

“She’s a maneater… make you want all of her love. She’s a maneater… Wish you never met her at all?” Nelly Furtado said it best, but Taylor Swift said it herself in the lyrics of her new single “Back to December:” “just perfect to me in a relationship – and I was really careless with him.” Does Taylor Swift dine on men for dinner?


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Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Lucas Till, Cory Montieth, and now Jake Gyllenhaal? Grammy nominated country singer Taylor Swift has run quite the gamut of hot, eligible, Hollywood bachelors. Who’s next on her list? Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley, who she met at a fashion show in 2009.

“Taylor looks at famous men as trophies. She wants to date as many as possible,” a source reveals to Star magazine.

“People see Taylor as this angelic being with porcelain looks, sort of like a princess in a fairy tale,” says an insider. “But that’s far from the truth. She lures guys in, and then she teases them. And then, to add insult to injury, she dishes about them in her songs.”

The 20 year old apparently dishes about her ex’s former girlfriends too, singing “She’s an actress, but she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress.” Rumors have swirled that Taylor’s referencing Camilla Belle who used to date Joe Jonas.

“Fun and games,” “brutal,” “loves the hunt,” “player,” and “callous” have all described Taylor’s major heart-breaking ways.

Taylor Lautner? Taylor pulled out her old tricks that included hair playing and rubbing her hand up and down her Valentine’s Day co-star’s chest. “He was crushed,” says a source, when she dumped him after he showed up as a surprise to her 20th birthday party.

John Mayer? She fell in love because she met her match, a Star insider says. She put on sexy clothes and knew what she was doing.

Cory Monteith? He was wrapped around her finger, crazy about her. But she preferred to be with him in private so that nobody in public would mistake them as a couple.

Well, just who does she think she is.

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  1. Steve says:

    Oh Puleaze!!!
    This chick is such a made up, media agents propaganda whore…
    There is nothing real about this chick, her songs are all about teen angst, boyfriend troubles, prepubescent crap. All her songs are so formula; they sound similar. Kind of like Back Street Boys or Menudo, yech.
    Somebody is making booco bucks off her and when she finally has to pay up…..then she may be able to write a decent song about how life turned on her.


  2. Ferd says:

    Agree with Steve. All of her songs sound the same. She’s not good. To cap it off, she has a little rat face.

  3. Must be some freaky looking rodents where you live Ferd. Pop has always been a formula of money making all the same songs – it’s just that when the big bopper and buddy holly did it they had a much better formula, it’s about time we trashed the formula used by pop today

  4. YourGrandma says:

    Fake and Gay :)

  5. Dee says:

    She’s beautiful and talented. She’s also too young to be settling down anyway. And her core audience(young girls) like songs about love and angst. It sells. So try not to hate her because she’s beautiful and sucessful.

  6. cheesetard says:


  7. nicole says:

    i love her!

  8. anon says:

    you should have seen her face back when she wasn’t that famous yet. she looked like crap.

  9. TaylorSwift#1Fan says:

    I think it is really RUDE of anyone who has said something about her being a “player” or anything else! Have any of you guys ever dated her?? I don’t think so. You shouldn’t judge people you don’t know and I will completely back her up until the end. “Back To December” was an apoligy to Taylor Launter and if she was such a horrible person, do you really think that she would even bother writing that? I don’t think so. Taylor Swift is known for her good reputation and that’s a good thing. The sad thing about her is that everyone looks up to her and loves her and if she even makes the tiniest mistake it everything! Cut the girl some slack, seriously!! I personally think the only reason you people are here trashing Swifty is because you have nothing better to do with your lives and it makes you feel good about your self to trash someone else. That’s low, really low. Taylor Swift is beautiful and successful. Don’t be a hater because of that. I love Taylor and if you gave her a chance and just listened to her music you would understand her. She is a really talented person and everyone should remember that!
    “LONG LIVE” Taylor Swift!!!!

    I will always be FEARLESS and never be afriad to SPEAK NOW!! Goo Swifty!

    P.S. She does NOT look like a rodent. She is gorgous.

  10. Hi says:

    she is ugly take a look at her target photo and you will see her she has big teeth and inbred eyes
    she thinks she is some hotness HELLO you only date little boys and bisexuals
    You are an ugly little gitl who looks like an oppossum who never reached puberty

  11. TaylorSwift#1Fan says:

    She is not. Like is your self- esteem really that low that you have to make fun of a beatiful and talented girl?? She has worked hard to get where she is and people like you are the ones that kill people’s self esteem! Why do you think she wrote the song “mean”? Haven’t heard the song?? Look it up since she wrote it for people like you. Just take a minute to think about this… what if you were her and you got on this website and read these posts. How would you feel about yourself? HORRIBLE!! You should feel horrible right now for the way you are talking about her. Man up people! Be the person that no one else is… nice! Take that into consideration.

    I will always be FEARLESS and never be afriad to SPEAK NOW! :)

  12. Anonymous17 says:


  13. super hater says:

    she’s a bi*tch…..
    she’s only pretending to be a good person , always playing the victim in her songs. But the truth is she’s a grade A bi*tch. To Taylor fans out there don’t be fooled by her “innocent” look she’s a big stinking rat . :-D

  14. Frank says:

    I’m sorry but it’s the truth: her songs all sound the same. Well, you made a good point about her writing an apology to Taylor Launter, but the more I thought about it, I still think that she did it because she’s afraid that Launter would murder her if she only write about her other flings with the rest of her toys. Hey look, she diss Jonas (though I’m not a fan of him, I understand now why he broke up with Taylor Swift) and more importantly Camillia Belle by hinting that she’s a slutexcept to, moan about John Mayer, Taylor Launter, in Last Kiss about Joe Jonas (?) and so on about how badly she wants to get back together with all of them. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that she’s targetting Adam Young from Owl City in the song Enchanted too. OMG SERIOUSLY? you want all of them at once? Totally man eater.

  15. 13Roshaan10 says:

    To all haters……..SHUT THE F*** UP!!
    This goes to the publisher of this post as well!!!!!
    She is Gorgeous n very talented! She doesn’t win those awards for nothing!!!


  16. Kat D says:

    She’s a f”king bitch!! She sings badly, she looks like a brainless barbie. I just can’t believe you pathetic girls who listen to hear music and support her.. LOSERS!!!!!

    F”k pop, long live heavy metal!!!

  17. Ariadne says:

    Taylor Swift is a country artist, not a pop one, so either some of the previous commentaters are hating her on the principle of “she’s popular so hating her makes me look cool” or they just really don’t pay that much attention to her.
    Also, I’m a grown woman and love her music and feel that her appeal to the female demographic is because she IS female and IS singing about things that most of us have felt. I also love Chris Isaak, Bonnie Raitt, and Melissa Etheridge. All of them have written songs that I can relate to.
    And, {sn} the song that touches me most wasn’t even released as a single, it was from her first album, “Tied together with a smile” about a friend who suffered from Bulimia. I was depressed and no one knew it and I listened to that song for hours. So before you write her off, at least consider what makes her successful…at least it’s honesty and hard work!!

  18. Swifter says:


    Who wrote this article? Do you hate Taylor? Or maybe you got jealous because of her popularity, her face? SHE IS A SUPER TALENTED SINGER!

    for those who hates Taylor, and for those who believed this article, YOU ARE A F O O L!!!!!!!

  19. TaylorSwift#1Fan says:

    Thanks to all the Taylor Swift fan backing me up! :) Goo SWIFTY!!

  20. Madelaine says:

    Why can’t people SHUT UP why do ya gotta be so MEAN. I saw where this artical mentioned her song better than revenge. She wrote that because Camilla STOLE Jake, and hey, I’d be miffed if a girl did that. I would be doing a lot worse than writing a song if someone sabotaged me. And come on what girl doesn’t try to impress a guy she likes.Are you just gonna walk up to him in sweat pants. I don’t think so, that goes for guys too. Also Joe Jonas broke up with HER and over that Phone! What jerks does that! I’m not normally mean I’m just ANNOYED
    PS) Get a life

  21. I C through U says:

    When she first came out she was good…til u c it’s all about the Benjamins, now I c her as a b****-in-heat for money.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Used to have some respect for her, guess now it’s all gone.

  23. Kharion says:

    Lol “a source”
    What source? jealous girls? the janitor?

    People shouldn’t believe this sh** lol.

  24. Lisa says:

    I don’t get how all of you people can get so worked up over something like this. All those anonymous sources could be true, yes, or they could just be people making sh** up because they’re jealous of Taylor, or never really got a long with her.
    Putting all this faith in the media is ridiculous.
    I’m not saying this article is all a big lie, but then again it’s THE MEDIA. Covering a celebrity? Come on. When is this shit every 100% true?

  25. LongLiveTaylor13 says:

    wow seriously?! i admit she does right alot of songs about guys… but teenage girls especially love that cuz when some douchebag guy ruins things they can always turn to miss swift she is not a man eater its called having a relationship with a guy and yes she has had more than one bf over the yrs (not at the same time) cuz guys find her attractive all the guys at my school call her a babe annnd ive seen her live TWICE and she is amazingg and ppl love her and i know ppl that have met her and they say shes as nice as she appears so haters go away instead try to have a lil love! and never grow up, the best day, tied together with a smile, a place in this world, mean, and change arent about guys so you dont rlly have anything against her ;)

  26. kristy says:

    who cares if she is a `player` or not? none of us really think she is a saint. I mean, who is stupid enough to believe there is one single innocent girl in Hollywood? they make their success for a reason, but I just dont care! she is pretty, she looks elegant and I love her voice. The fact that she sings about her life and people around her is just what EVERY COUNTRY SINGER do!! so please… stop leaving negative comments and be disrespectful to someone you dont even know in your real life.

  27. Hopeful for change says:

    Can you explain why, if you don’t care for Taylor or her music, why are you even bothering to read or comment on her at all?

    Do you troll the net looking for articles about someone you can’t stand in order to write rude and untruthful critiques based on absolutely nothing at all other than your own inferiority and lack of talent? How very very sad, I wish you had more in your life, perhaps then you wouldn’t be so spiteful and hateful.

    I personally like Taylor, I think she’s talented, pretty and above all a good person. She is generous with her time and her money, she adores her fans and is a great role model, not only for young girls, but for all of us. I’m not a teen or a tween, I’m 53 years old and like a huge range of music. This girl has something…it’s indefinable.

    But if you don’t like her, then don’t read about her and certainly dont vent your spleen in public by being vile and cruel to a girl you don’t really know anything about.

  28. vkito says:

    WHATEVER, ABBY…wat do u do all day? stalk famous people and get something that they say out of them then turn it into a lie??? You just have nothing better to do with your life. Just because she dates like every other normal person doesn’t mean she’s a frigging “man-eater” SO LAY OFF.

  29. Lmfao says:

    Lol, all these 14 year olds defending Taylor.
    This is hilarious. Everyone has flaws.
    Maybe you should learn to accept that maybe she is a maneater.

  30. moira says:

    A total lie!

  31. Anonymous says:

    IF YOU DIDN’T LIKE TAYLOR SWIFT THEN WHY DID YOU READ THIS??? Like she’s the first celeb to date some guys. She’s an adult. She can do what she wants! If she wrote songs about boys being mean to her than boys shouldn’t be mean to her! She’s beautiful! She sings awesome! If she didn’t sing good then why was she able to go on tours? She’s nice, pretty and talented! Somethings you haters DON’T have!

  32. Somebody that you used to know says:

    Look behind that face.

    Look at the hearts she played and mangled with.

    Look at the souls who now feel stabbed straight through the heart because of their broken relationship with her.

    Her fans are only looking up to her because her music mimics others and her face is flawless, need I say more? I don’t find complimenting her appreciative.

    Now, people who don’t know half of what they’re saying are going about and screaming that we don’t know what we’re talking about, and that we shouldn’t judge.

    Well, we don’t have to.

    You can plainly see that she only gets together with famous guys, like the article says above, for popularity, then completely TRASHES innocent hopefuls.

    Now she’s going out with Harry Styles from One Direction, since 1D are REALLY famous right now. And I can’t believe that Harry can’t see through her. See behind that innocent-looking face. He hasn’t been with many girls, and was furious at the threats that Directioners made on Twitter because he probably doesn’t want to suffer another heartbreak, and refuses to listen to us. But honestly, I can’t blame us fans, no matter how vicious we are with our words. We’re only trying to save a heart from being torn!

    I sure hope that Swifty here reads this.

    Because all she is is a player, teasing guys and luring them to her with her charm and popularity.

    You are one sick little kitten, Swift.

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