Jennifer Aniston Gives Credence to Personal Chefs for Slim Physique

Jennifer Aniston, who’s approxiately 118 lbs, eats meals prepared by her personal chefs. She also stays active by doing yoga and running three times a week with trainer Mandy Ingbar. It’s no secret on how she maintains her body. It’s discipline, it’s resources and it’s a little bit of Jennifer Aniston narcissism.


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“There’s literally nothing more important to our health, happiness and success than what we put into our bodies and the energy, clarity and stamina that comes as a result,” Aniston said.

The 41 year old actress seems to have been blessed by the word of the nourishment God thanks to her personal chefs Jewels and Jill Elmore, writers of their recipe book “The Family Chef.”

Aniston, who once admitted to living off of Power Bars that were her “once-upon-a-time-alternative to all food groups,” has learned that the key to a great body is not food deprivation – but education about the fresh, organic and wholesome foods that our bodies crave and need.

“I used to think that anything packaged as low-fat was good for me,” she said. In her forward for her chefs’ recipe book, she writes that the kitchen is “a sanctuary that has become the most important room in the house.” Aniston now consumes around 1,200 calories a day and noshes on salmon, quinoa and Greek yogurt.

According to OK!, typical meals for Aniston in one day include:

Breakfast: 193 calories, eggs with feta cheese and parsley in 1/2 whole wheat pita
Lunch: 248 calories, arugula, shaved artichoke and toasted hazelnut salad
Dinner: 625 calories, grilled halibut with red quinoa and grilled yams
Snack: 135 calories, roasted mixed nuts with Furikake dressing

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