‘Furt’ is Born on Glee!

“Furt” was coined on tonight’s Glee, which included a Glee wedding, a Sue Sylvester wedding, and Carol Burnett’s guest appearance!

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Kurt’s dad Burt, and Finn’s mom, Carol, arrive at the school and tell Finn and Kurt that they’re engaged. Kurt insists on being their wedding planner, while Finn looks disappointed. Kurt announces they’re having a Glee wedding.

Sitting in the principal’s office, Sue jealously recalls that her co-anchors are engaged. After trying online dating, Sue realizes her only match is herself. She decides to get married to herself.

In the locker room, Sam tells Finn that he wants to be quarterback again so he can be popular. He also wants Quinn to be his girlfriend. Later, Sam tells Quinn that he thinks he loves her and on bended knee, gives her a promise ring. Sam says he hopes to marry her one day, but Quinn doesn’t accept the ring and says, “maybe.”

While planning the wedding, Kurt tells Finn he should learn how to dance for his mother-son dance at the wedding. When Finn walks off, Kurt’s bully, David Karofsky, shows up and taunts Kurt. Will takes Kurt to Sue, who say she can’t do anything unless Karofsky physically hurts Kurt.

Rachel tells the ladies of Glee club that they should band together to get their boyfriends to help Kurt. Later, Finn tells Rachel that he can’t help Kurt because he doesn’t want to ruin his chances on the football team. In the locker room, Mike and Artie confront Karofsky and he attacks them. Sam jumps in and fights him, until Coach Bieste breaks up their fight. Sam fills the Glee club in on what happened with the bully, and everyone asks why Finn wasn’t there. Kurt insists he’s okay, and they begin rehearsing for the wedding.

Sue’s mother, Doris Sylvester (played by Carol Burnett), shows up and explains that she’s been away hunting Nazis. Doris can’t believe Sue’s marrying herself, but offers to sing at her wedding. Doris rehearses her song “Ohio” from the musical “Wonderful Town,” and Sue joins in.

Kurt holds a dance lesson with Burt and Finn. Kurt asks an uncomfortable Finn to dance with him. Karofsky makes fun of Kurt from the door. Burt learns that Kurt’s been threatened and angrily confronts Karofsky. Burt takes the issue up with Sue and she expels Karofsky.

Before Burt and Carol’s wedding, Santana tells Finn that he needs an injection of coolness. She says he should reveal that they had sex last year, so that he could be cool again. Finn says he can’t tell anyone because Rachel thinks he’s a virgin. Santana thinks Rachel is dragging him down, but Finn dismisses her as Rachel walks in. Finn tells Rachel he loves her.

The wedding ceremony begins with Glee club’s performance of Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.” Burt and Carol profess their love to each other and are proud that Finn and Kurt are now brothers.

At the wedding reception, Will performs Pablo Ruiz’s “Sway,” as the happy couple dances. Finn makes a special toast to Kurt, saying that Kurt’s shown him what it is to be a man. He calls their union as brothers “Furt” and promises to always have Kurt’s back. Finn announces a special performance dedicated to Kurt. Glee club joins and Finn sings Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are.” He gets Kurt to dance with him as everyone else joins in.

Wearing a royal blue sporty dress, Sue marries herself in front of her sister and Doris. Doris complains that she wants a greater part in her daughters’ lives, but Sue tells her she’s a bully and asks her to go.

Quinn tells Sam she’s proud of what he did for Kurt and shows him that she’s wearing his promise ring. Meanwhile, Burt, Carol, and Kurt meet with Sue in the principal’s office and discuss their disappointment in the school board’s decision to revoke Karofsky’s expulsion. Sue announces she’s resigning as principal, but will watch out for Kurt in the hallway. Burt and Carol tell Kurt that they’ll use their honeymoon money to transfer him to Dalton Academy.

At Glee club, Kurt tearfully announces that he’s transferring to Dalton. Everyone pleads with him to stay, but Kurt explains he can’t live in fear and walks out, and the show ends.

What did you all think of tonight’s Glee?

I know that some couples can’t wait to get married, but how fast did that wedding happen? I guess Kurt’s that great of a wedding planner. Besides the unrealistic shotgun wedding, I have to say that so far, this is my favorite Glee episode this season. It focused on the characters and their relationships without being overtly cheesy. Finn’s newfound brotherhood with Kurt was actually pretty sweet. And viewers got to see a vulnerable side to Sue with the appearance of her bully mother. I was expecting more from Carol Burnett’s guest appearance, but having her play Sue’s mother fit pretty well. The performances tonight were awesome (especially Finn’s song to Kurt) and tonight’s show had a perfect balance of musical numbers and plot advancement. The show’s taking a big step in having Kurt transferred to another school. Initially, I didn’t like the idea, but I could see how this will benefit and advance the storyline. Should be interesting to watch!

Oh, and I’m totally doing a Glee wedding.

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