Glee Goes to Sectionals!

On tonight’s Glee, titled “Special Education,” New Directions goes to sectionals, while Rachel and Finn’s relationship crumbles.

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Tonight’s Glee started with Will asking Emma to go with him to sectionals. Emma tells Will that they Glee club should do something different this year and not always rely on the same talents (Rachel and Finn), but to give some of the others a chance.

Taking Emma’s advice, Will approaches Glee club with his ideas and asks Quinn and Sam to take the lead in sectionals. He also asks Brittany and Mike to lead in the dance sequence. Rachel objects, as she thinks she’s the most talented and could win sectionals. While everyone starts to argue, Santana blurts out that Finn slept with her last year. Later in Emma’s office, Rachel asks Finn if it’s true that he slept with Santana. Though they weren’t together when it happened, Rachel still feels insecure next to Santana.

Kurt walks the halls of Dalton Academy and is given a warm welcome. At Dalton’s Glee club, the Warblers, Kurt tries to take over with his ideas for sectionals, but is politely turned down. Later, Blaine invites Kurt to audition for sectionals.

Artie sees that Brittany is nervous about leading the dance at sectionals, so he gives her a “magic comb” to help her overcome her stage fright. Will asks Puck to be Glee’s ambassador and get a new member for sectionals, and Puck tries to recruit guys on the football team but they attack him.

At Glee practice, everyone wonders where Puck is as Rachel walks in with tape on her mouth, in protest. Annoyed, Will tells Rachel to have a better attitude and team spirit. Puck enters and tells everyone that he was trapped in the portable potty for the last 24 hours. A classmate, Lauren, found him so he recruited her to Glee club.

In the halls, Santana taunts Rachel about her and Finn’s night. Puck approaches Rachel and offers to help her. Meanwhile, Tina tells Artie that Brittany is cheating on him with Mike, as they’re always spending time together pretending to practice. Artie tries to ask Brittany out, but she gives him the same excuse, she’s busy practicing.

Kurt approaches Rachel and asks her for help with his sectionals audition. Rachel agrees to help him, and offers Madonna’s “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina,” as an example. Kurt sings it for his sectionals audition, but doesn’t make the cut. Blaine suggests he doesn’t try too hard, and tells him that he needs to act like he’s part of a team.

Before getting on the bus to sectionals, Emma tells Will that she can’t go with him, as she doesn’t want to ruin things with Carl.

While prepping at sectionals, Rachel tells Kurt about the new addition to Glee club and asks if he misses them. Kurt admits he does miss them and they share a few laughs. Rachel tells him about Finn sleeping with Santana, just as Blaine announces sectionals are about to start.

Everyone takes their seats as the first group, seniors called “The Hipsters,” perform “The Living Years” by Mike and the Mechanics. Next, the Warblers performs Train’s “Hey Soul Sister.” Glee club gives Kurt’s team a standing ovation.

Before New Directions goes on stage, Quinn freaks out, while Artie confronts Brittany about cheating on him with Mike. Will tells everyone  they must go on stage together. Rachel continues arguing with Finn about his night with Santana as Brittany tells Artie she’s avoiding him because she lost his magic comb, not because she’s cheating. Artie tells Brittany it wasn’t a magic comb, and she herself is magic. Brittany kisses him and tells him she’ll be dancing for him.

New Directions takes the stage and Sam and Quinn lead in “The Time of My Life,” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. After they get a standing ovation from everyone, including Kurt, Santana leads in another performance of “Valerie,” by The Zutons, with Brittany and Mike leading in the dance. Once again, they receive a standing ovation.

The winners are announced, with the senior’s group, “The Hipsters,” coming in third place. First place is a tie: both The Warblers and New Directions are going to Regionals.

Back at school, Will shows Emma the trophy and she shows him her wedding ring, saying that she and Carl got married in Vegas. Crushed, Will says he’s happy for her and walks out.

Rachel and Finn make up and he promises never to lie again. Rachel says she has to tell him something and admits that she tried to get revenge with Puck. Though she and Piuck only kissed, Finn is hurt and breaks up with her.

Will tells Glee club they should celebrate their win, and offers Rachel a solo but she hands it over to Mercedes and Tina. They close the show with a performance of “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence and the Machine.

Rolla’s Rant:

Tonight’s Glee certainly had a lot of drama. Though I love John Stamos (aka Uncle Jesse) as Carl, I felt bad for Will when Emma told him the news of her marriage. Brittany and Artie’s scenes were pretty cute today, and Brittany got more lines than usual. Is Brittany getting smarter? I hope not! Meanwhile, while it’s interesting to see that Rachel and Finn are no longer a power couple, I definitely think he had a point in breaking up with her. I don’t know where the storyline will go, as most of Glee club is paired off. Does anyone see a Puck and Rachel couple forming? Or even Finn and Santana together? That would be interesting.

As for tonight’s performances, they were all great. Beside Blaine’s exaggerated facial expressions, the Warblers’ performance of “Hey Soul Sister” was quite a delight. Quinn and Sam’s lead in “The Time Of My Life,” was sweet and fun to watch, and Mike and Brittany’s dancing was fantastic. The closing number, “Dog Days Are Gone,” was probably one of my favorites so far this season, and thankfully Mercedes didn’t over do it.

Though Kurt fits in well at Dalton, I think he’ll go back to New Directions. It just isn’t the same! What did you all think of tonight’s show?

Next, Glee goes to regionals, and then hopefully nationals. Keep watching!

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