A Very Glee Christmas!

Tonight’s Glee had Sue being a Grinch, Glee club trying to spread Christmas cheer, and a Gleek getting a Christmas miracle!

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Tonight’s Glee began with Emma inviting Will to a party that she and Carl are throwing, but Will politely declines. The teachers draw names for the secret santa gift exchange and Will gets Sue.

In the hall, Brittany tells Artie how excited she is for Santa Claus to come, and Artie realizes Britanny still believes in Santa. They go to rehearsal where the Glee kids decorate a beat down tree and sing “The Most Wonderful Day of The Year.” Will tells the kids they’re going to spread Christmas cheer by singing to classes and raising money for the homeless. The kids are nervous to sing, thinking they’d be bullied more. During their first performance of “We Need A Little Christmas,” they are booed and have things thrown at them.

At practice, Brittany announces that she’s going to ask Santa to make sure kids aren’t mean to Glee club members anymore. Artie asks Glee club to help him make sure Brittany doesn’t lose her belief. They go to the mall and each sit on Santa’s lap. Brittany asks Santa for Artie to be able to walk on Christmas.

Rachel creates a winter wonderland in the auditorium for Finn and gives him a gift of a performance. Finn tells her he’s not ready to forgive her and walks off. Rachel sings “Merry Christmas, Darling” as fake snow falls.

At Dalton, Blaine asks Kurt to help him rehearse “Baby it’s cold outside.” After their duet, Will visits Kurt and he admits he has feelings for Blaine. Will asks Kurt to help him get a gift for Sue.

Back at school, Will, Emma, Coach Biest, and other teachers realize they all got Sue as their secret Santa. Sue admits to rigging the draw, but warns them they can’t take their gifts back. Will angrily tells her she won’t steal Christmas. Will later takes the gifts back to donate them to the homeless and calls Sue a Grinch.

In the locker room, the guys of Glee club ask Coach Biest to dress up Santa and break into Brittany’s home. They want her to tell Brittany that Santa can’t give Artie the gift of walking.

Sue paints herself green and dresses up as the Grinch in a Santa costume. She steals Glee club’s Christmas decorations and her gifts back, while “Sue the Grinch” plays. Brittany catches Sue and thinks she’s Santa. Sue explains she has to repair the Christmas lights in her workshop. She takes the gift Brittany brought for the homeless kids and sends her off.

Will arrives at rehearsal and sees the mess that Sue made. The students think that the bullies did this. Will thinks it was Sue but Brittany says that it was Santa that took everything for repair. Rachel tells Finn they must save Christmas for the Glee club.

Rachel and Finn go to pick out another Christmas tree. Rachel tries to warm up to Finn but he’s still cold. They perform Wham’s “Last Christmas.” After, Rachel tries to kiss him but Finn tells her he’s officially breaking up with her.

During rehearsal, the girls are about to cut their hair and sell it off, while the guys are giving up their watches to raise money for the homeless students. Will stops them and goes into a spiel about how they need to capture Christmas again. He proposes they sing to raise money.

At home, Brittany sees Santa (Coach Biest) and Biest tells her Santa can’t make Artie walk for Christmas, but can give her the gift of patience. The next day at her locker, Brittany sadly tells Artie that she feels terrible that he can’t walk. She says she can’t believe in Santa anymore.

Meanawhile, the rest of the Glee club performs “Welcome Christmas” (from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas) to the faculty. The teachers donate money to the homeless as Sue hears the singing and calls it beautiful.

After their performance, Rachel invites Will to spend Christmas with her, since he’ll be alone on Christmas. Will and the students enter their rehearsal room and see Artie standing, with the help of a machine called the “ReWalk.” They all watch in amazement as Brittany says they found it under the Christmas tree. Brittany is convinced Santa brought it. Quinn announces that it’s a real Christmas miracle as Coach Biest happily watches from a far.

Will arrives at his place and finds Sue put up Christmas decorations. Sue apologizes to Will for stealing Christmas and the Glee gang comes out of the rooms, saying that no one should be alone on Christmas Eve. Will and Sue wish each other a Merry Christmas as the kids decorate the tree.

Rolla’s Rant

I expected a tad bit more from the Christmas episode, but the play on The Grinch (and on A Christmas Carol, for that matter) was cute. I enjoyed Kurt and Blaine’s performance of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” the most this episode. Blaine’s quite charming when he sings. I would have liked to see more Kurt in this show, but that’s a bit hard now that he’s at Dalton. Brittany believing in Santa, though completely unbelievable, actually worked out well for the show. I was expecting more from Rachel and Finn’s Wham performance, but I guess they had to tone it down to fit their scene. Overall, it was a nice way to head into the holiday season! I hope everyone has a very GLEEful Christmas ;)

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