How Taylor Swift Will Celebrate Her 21st Birthday

Singer Taylor Swift will be turning 21 on December 13, but she says she won’t be heading out to the clubs to celebrate.


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Swift tells People magazine that she wants to stay home to celebrate her 21st birthday.

“I definitely want a winter-themed birthday – Christmas-themed,” Swift tells People. “And I’d really like to have it in my condo. I think that would be wonderful.”

Swift says she’s naturally not a party girl, but she will like being able to get into 21 and up concerts and events.

“It’ll be cool that I’ll be able to go to a lot of concerts that my friends always go to and I sit at home because it’s 21 and over,” she says. “Other than that, I don’t think I’m going to all of a sudden start being in love with the idea of going to a club.”

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to dance.

“I like to dance around and have fun with my friends and we have a blast, but I’ve never felt really compelled to be drunk and I don’t think that’s terribly awful,” she says, but “I’m not one of those people who’s never going to have a drink.”

Good for her! Hopefully that means she won’t be following in any celebs footsteps into rehab.

We wonder if Jake Gyllenhaal will be at her party…

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