Duffy Releases New Album ‘Endlessly’

International singer Duffy, 26, is releasing her second album titled Endlessly. Duffy’s 2008 multi-platinum Rockferry album won her a Grammy, and she’s looking to prove that there’s more to celebrate with her new sophomore album, which includes a collaboration with the Roots. 

Photo by Vanity Fair, Credit: Mark Seliger

“I’m bringing more aspects of myself to this record,” said the singer who captivated the music scene with her distinctive and soulful voice. “I’m a catalog artist now! It kind of feels surreal.” 

The Welsh singer is considered “the late, great Dusty Springfield,” according to Vanity Fair. And her “influences are Marvin Gaye, Phil Spector, and Arcade Fire…” sounding “more like the Motown-era Diana Ross, cabaret chanteuse Genevieve Waite, and jazz great Billie Holiday.” 

Duffy co-wrote and co-produced Endlessly with Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Albert Hammond; she describes this album as more upbeat and not so sad. 

The Associated Press asked Duffy about her retro appeal and how her second album compares.

Duffy responded, “I know I’m always compared to this nostalgic sound. I’ve often been asked whether me being retro is something that I try to do. But I’ve always been really old-fashioned. I’ve always had this way about me and a kind of longing for romance, idealism, the 1950s. I think things were a little safer then. I think it was easier for artists to keep hold of their quality control. I don’t think anyone was taking pictures of Marilyn Monroe when she was in a shopping mall… I do feel as though I do belong to something nostalgic.”

Endlessly, referred to as Duffy’s “second chapter,” is now available.

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