Gossip Girl Coming to an End?

Rumors are circulating online that Gossip Girl is coming to an end. Is it true? Well, sort of. While out promoting her new movie Country Strong, Leighton Meester, who plays Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl tells E! Online that she will be leaving Gossip Girl after two more years.


When Meester was asked why two more years she said it was simply because that is how much longer she is under contract.

It seems that the Gossip Girl cast is getting more popular, with most working on other projects while filming the show. Meester tells E! that many of her costars, including herself, have been taking time off and juggling schedules for both the show and other jobs such as movie roles.

So the question becomes, will the show end when Meester ends? Are the other Gossip Girl stars ready to call it quits as well?

“I don’t know,” Meester told E!, “but I think there’s that old saying about wanting to go out on top.”

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