Kelsey Grammer Plans To Marry Kayte Walsh in February

Actor Kelsey Grammer, 55, told David Letterman Thursday night that he plans to marry his fiancée, Kayte Walsh, 29, in February.


Kelsey doesn’t seem to care that he is still married to his ex-wife, Camille, 42, who stars in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Kayte’s my new girl, and we’re planning to get married soon,” he says. “Sometime in February.”

Kelsey has requested a quick divorce, but Camille is trying to but the brakes on it.

Kelsey’s request is “solely for the reason that he intends to remarry as soon as possible,” Camille, 42, writes in the Superior Court filing. “I do not believe his is a sufficient reason to prejudice my rights to the community estate, especially given the large and complex nature of our estate.”

A hearing is set for January 26 for a judge to hear the matter.

Camille met Kelsey’s new fiancée on Thursday for the first time while dropping off her two children – Jude, 5, and Mason, 8 – with their father.

“It was interesting to say the least,” Camille told Andy Cohen on Thursday night’s Watch What happens Live. “I was delivering the kids to Kelsey, and he texted me and said, ‘Kayte will be there.’ And my girlfriend Deidre, who’s on the show with me, said we have to go down and meet her.”

Camille’s first impression of the new woman was that “she was nice, and we both said hello. She has a very strong handshake.”

“Of course, it was uncomfortable … And Kelsey looked shocked,” she adds. “It’s the first time I’ve seen him and her together … and with my children.”

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