Bald Miss America Contestant Hopes to Raise Awareness About Alopecia

Kayla Martell will be competing for the title of Miss America while wearing a wig.

Photo credit: Gail Albert Halaban

Martell, the current Miss Delaware, suffers from alopecia areata, a disease that has caused her to start losing her hair since the age of 13. She hopes to educate viewers about the disease.

Martell usually goes wig-free, so she explains, “I’m still getting used to long hair. So we’ll style it away from my face with big curls.”

Martell shares that she has a collection of wigs at home, including “a Miss Delaware wig, a Miss America wig, a ‘soccer mom’ wig and a Shirley Temple wig that stays curled.”

Martell shares that she’s been a fan of the Miss America pageant since she was four. “My mom took me on a date to watch the Miss America pageant when I was four years old. So just being here is a dream come true for me.”

Catch Martell and the rest of the contestants on the 90th Miss America Pageant, which airs Saturday at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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