Anne Hathaway Playing a Lesbian on Fox’s ‘Glee’

Actress Anne Hathaway is confirmed to be playing the role of Kurt’s aunt on Glee who will also be a lesbian.

“Anne Hathaway as a lesbian — just that sentence is awesome!” Chris Colfer told TV Guide Magazine. “I think she wants to be Kurt’s aunt, so I’m very much looking forward to that.”

Brad Falchuk, Glee’s producer, told TV Guide Magazine that Hathaway’s Glee character was her own idea, and she had pitched the role to the producers herself. At the awards show on Sunday night, she “agented herself into a deal.” The actress talked to Glee creator Ryan Murphy about guest starring on the hit, award-winning show.

“She had a great idea and with someone like her, it’s sort of hard to say no,” Falchuck said. ”We generally don’t get excited about guest stars just for the sake of guest stars. But if you have someone like Anne Hathaway or Gwyneth [Paltrow], they’re amazing and we’re happy to have them.”

Falchuk also confirmed that Gwyneth Paltrow will return to Glee, and that romance will spark between her character and Matthew Morrison’s Mr. Schuester.

“We really cultivated the idea of her and [Will] having a little fling in the original episode that we did and didn’t have time to finish it off. We’re glad that she can come back and do it,” Falchuk added.

On Sunday night Colfer won the Golden Globe award for Best Performance for an Actor in a Supporting Role and he couldn’t hide his excitement for Hathaway to join the Glee family while at the Golden Globe Awards Post Show Celebration.

As for Colfer’s big win, “It means the world to me,” he said. “I remember watching the show when I was 8 and printing out the prediction ballots and passing them out to my friends and family who didn’t really care. I am so young, but I’ve wanted one of these for such a long time.”

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