Rachel Zoe’s Pregnancy Makes Giuliana Rancic More Determined

E! host Giuliana Rancic and her husband Apprentice winner Bill Rancic have been trying to have a baby for almost two years, sharing their struggles with the public. Many have blamed Giuliana’s wafer-thin body for her infertility issues, but Giuliana feels that if underweight Rachel Zoe can get pregnant, so can she.

Guiliana Rancic

Giuliana’s weight became a heated topic on The View when Giuliana made an appearance on the show and discussed her struggles to have a baby. The oh-so-thin stylist Rachel Zoe recently announced she was pregnant, leading Giuliana to believe her weight is not the issue.

“Look at Kelly Ripa! She’s half my size and has no body fat and has kids,” Giuliana, 36, complains to Radar Online. “Gisele [Bundchen] is a supermodel, and I’ve pinched her in real life just to see if she has body fat — zero body fat! Look at Victoria Beckham, she’s on her fourth child.”

Giuliana says she is sick of being criticized for her weight, and those that think her infertility issues are because she refuses to put on some pounds are “ignorant.”

“It’s unbelievable to me the amount of ignorant comments that come in and it’s just uninformed ignorant people,” she says. “Rachel Zoe is pregnant! To all the haters, get informed! Go Google it! It has nothing to do with anything.”

“There are thin girls with infertility issues, normal sized girls with infertility issues and overweight girls with infertility issues,” she continues. “Unless your doctor tells you your weight is affecting you in some way…once the doctor rules it out, that’s really not it.”

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  1. lalaj says:

    I feel so bad for you giuliana and bill. I struggled for 2 years for my daughter so i understand, but when it does happen, no matter how it comes about, it’ll be sooooo worth the wait. I believe it happens when it’s meant to and i pray that they you’ll be blessed with a child. Just remember there are so many people that understand what you’re going through and f*$@! the haters. So many people thrive on negativity and trying to make others feel bad….they need to get a life. Anyways, good luck and may god bless you with as many babies as you are willing to have.

  2. tusense says:

    Never give up, it took me 12 years and I was 43 and it was worth the wait. Just take it one cycle at a time and assume it is not going to happen so then the pressure is off and you’re surprised if you do get preggers. I couldn’t afford the invitro early on or wasn’t willing to spend or borrow the money till I hit 40, big mistake. Had I used the invitro method sooner it may have happenend sooner for me. I wanted more than one child, but my eggs got too old by 46 I was peri-menopausal. But God blessed me with my son at 43. Giving birth is worth all the fight it takes, it is the mircle of mircles to give life but get the epidural which makes it easy

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